″Romantic Langshan, Soul of Danxia″ photography works revealed

In order to fully demonstrate the beauty of Langshan mountain, attract photographers to create photography with keen insight and unique perspective, and promote the development of Langshan, China photography press and Xinning County People’s Government jointly held the National Photography Exhibition of “Romantic Langshan, Soul of Danxia”. Many photographers from all over the country made contribution to the exhibition. Now the selected works are revealed.

Clouds Sea in Baojiao Stronghold-By Cedar Kraus

Egrets happily visit Liuping village – By Jiang Zhonghan

Snow-sealed Danxia-By Chen Lin

Crafts Teaching-By Liu Zhigang

Spring- By Tang Yanbin

Green Mountain-Qin Yongyao

The King Inspects Mountain-By Dai Xiaohui

Danxian Floating Cloud-By Zheng Jianfeng

Tofu Museum -By Li Sha

Flying Over – By Jiang Jun

Fairy Tale of Harvest – By He Rongxiang

Beautiful Scenery of Fuyi River – By Liang Wu

Magic Bay of Fuyi River -By Gong Shunsong

Jixinding Snow Scene -By Zhu Jubin

Flying Rainbow over General Stone-By Liu jiao’e

Dragon Out to Sea – Wang Xiaobin

Langshan’s Dawn – he Wanquan

Langshan’s Buddha Light -By Chen Yuhai

Langshan’s Sea Fog – Mo Jiaxun

Morning Rhyme of Langshan Terrace-By Li Ruxin

Langshan Idyllic Spring Scenery -By Li Xinhua

Romantic Sun Valley – By Hu Pengfei

Lixi Rafting -By Lei Zhenliang

Carps Paddling in The Sea -By Luo Ling

Dragon Dance -By Li Riai

Camel Peak – By Liu Zhijun

Dreamlike Bajiao Stronghold – He Xianhai

Aerial View of the Danxia Top-By Zhong Yueneng

Morning of Niubi Village-By Deng Qingshan

Veil-By Li Xiangjie

Love under General Stone-By Huang Dajiang

Picturesque Village – Mo Jianmei

LivestreamingIn Xicunfang-By Deng Yongfei

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