Langshan orange planters:a new force for rural revitalization

Wang Houfa, 34, is a “second generation of navel orange planter” in HengBan village, Gaoqiao Town, Xinning County. His elders raised him by planting navel oranges. Now he sticks to his hometown, studies planting techniques, leads poor families to plant navel oranges and solves the problems for more fruit farmers.


The dark skinned “post-80s” young man is not only the founder of Zhongcheng planting and breeding cooperative, but also the pioneer of selling navel orange through e-commerce. When he was a child, Wang Houfa worked in the village with his father. He watched the fruit trees growing up, and he had a special feeling for agriculture.

Wang Houfa said: “In the past, few people planted navel oranges here. Because there were a lot of stones on our mountains which were not suitable for planting navel oranges, and most of them became barren”.

Before 2012, Wang Houfa used to do hydropower decoration in other places, with a monthly income of more than 4000 yuan. However, out of his deep love for the land, Wang Houfa resolutely gave up work and went back to his hometown to develop navel orange cultivation.


In order to make navel orange more high-yield and taste better, Wang Houfa actively contacted agricultural experts from CNHBN.COM to teach in his navel orange garden. With the help of experts, he planted green manure on a large scale to create the best ecological planting environment for navel orange. Meanwhile he also laid reflective film on the navel orange tree to reduce the absorption of rainwater and dew by the root system, which increases sugar conversion and makes the fruit sweeter.

In 2019, Wang Houfa seized the opportunity to establish a cooperative farming community, and planted navel orange with the poor households in the village. He also actively participated in the training of e-commerce, learned the knowledge of e-business, started the operation of the tiktok account “Houfa Ecological Farm”, and selling navel orange through internet . The sales of 2100 Mu navel oranges in the whole village are guaranteed

In the navel orange farm, Wang houfa told reporters that navel orange is the fruit of common people’s wealth here. We rely on navel orange to eat, dress, go to school and build houses. I hope that we can continue to drive more people to become well-off and become rich.

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