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Liu Dunzhen: First Academician of CAS from Xinning County

Liu Dunzhen (1897.9.19-1968.5.10), styled Shineng, also known as the owner of the Dazhuang Room, a native of Xinning county, Hunan province,is a modern architecture expert, an architectural historian,and one of the pioneers of Chinese architectural education and Chinese ancient architecture research, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(member of the faculty).

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He founded China’s first architect firm run by a Chinese. He has been engaged in architectural education and architectural history research for a long time. He is one of the founders of architectural education in China and a pioneer of Chinese architectural history research. His investigation of ancient buildings in north and southwest of China and the systematic research on Chinese traditional houses and gardens have laid the main foundation for this discipline. He has organized and presided over the compilation of national architectural history many times, and published influential monographs such as “Suzhou’s Classical Gardens”.

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In 1956, he published the monograph “Introduction to Chinese Housing”, which set off an upsurge of comprehensive research in this field in domestic academic circles. He led his assistants in detailed surveying and mapping of large, medium and small typical gardens in Suzhou. During the eight or nine years, he drew more than 2,000 surveying papers, photographed more than 20000 pieces and wrote more than 100000 words. Unfortunately this work was interrupted by the “Cultural Revolution”, and the manuscript was compiled and published by his assistants and descendants in 1979. After publication, it became well-known both at home and abroad, and was translated into English and Japanese for publication. He called together the old, middle-aged and young academic elites in architectural history and some archaeological circles, presided over and compiled “A Brief History of Chinese Architecture” and “History of Ancient Chinese Architecture”, which lasted 7 years, revised 8 times, and finally publised in 1966. These two book are still important reference books, and won the special prize of National University Excellent Textbook in 1988.

Jianxin Jiang from Langshan Elected as an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

On November 18, the Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE) officially announces the 2021 academician cooptation list, and Professor Jianxin Jiang from the Third Military Medical University is elected as an academician.

Jianxin Jiang was born in Xinning county, Hunan province in December 1962. In August 1980, he was admitted to the department of clinical medicine of the Third Military Medical University and enlisted in the army. He is now the director of the Fourth Research Office of the Field Surgery Research Institute of the Third Military Medical University, the director of the the Military Transportation Medicine Research Institute, the director of the State Key Laboratory of Trauma, Burns and Compound Injuries, the director of the Military Transportation Medicine Key Laboratory, Researcher, and Doctoral Supervisor .

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Jianxin Jiang is mainly engaged in the research on the mechanism, prevention and treatment of shock injuries and traffic accident injuries, as well as the basic research of related trauma.

The Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) is the highest honorary and advisory academic institution in the nation’s fields of engineering sciences and technology. It is dedicated to uniting outstanding talents in engineering to lead innovation and development in China. The highest decision-making body in the CAE is the General Assembly, which selects new members every two years through voting. The CAE has nine academic divisions, six special committees and one general administration department. Leaders of the CAE are elected entirely by CAE Members. The current president is Xiaohong Li.

Membership with the CAE is the highest academic title in engineering sciences and technology in China, representing the highest academic level and reputation in the engineering community.

Two Men in Xinning County were honored the 8th Province Moral Model

On November 5th, the Xinning County Civilization Office learned from the Provincial Civilization Office that 51 people in the province were awarded the 8th Hunan Provincial Moral Model after being selected and recommended by each city and unit at various levels and approved by the Provincial Civilization Committee. Xiao Jianfeng and Zeng Lingchao in our county were honorably selected. Prior to this, Tang Zhonghe, a national moral model, won the “Second Hunan Provincial Model of Honesty and Faithfulness” in 2009.

Moral model of helping others: Xiao Jianfeng, male, born in November 1968, Han nationality, member of the Communist Party of China, manager of Hunan Xinning Yufeng Company. He insisted on practicing the spirit of Lei Feng, successively donated more than 2 million yuan to public welfare and advanced more than 4.8 million yuan to help villagers build roads. At the same time, he led his daughter to take care of an expeditionary soldier’s widow for 19 years until the old woman passed away at the age of 101. He was listed in the “China Good People List” and “Hunan Good People List”, and his family was rated as the national civilized family, the most beautiful family in China, and the civilized family in Hunan Province.

Moral model of dedication: Zeng Lingchao, male, born in June 1948, Han nationality, member of the Communist Party of China, retired cadre of the People’s Court of Xinning County. In 1981, Zeng LingChao acted bravely to control violence, disabled and blind. In 1986, he began to publish works. Over the past 35 years, he has published 13 works with a total of more than 4 million words, and has won more than 10 awards. He was awarded the National Model of Self-Strengthening, and his family was rated as the National Civilized Family, the National Five Best Civilized Family, the National Most Beautiful Family, and the National Five Best Civilized Family Model.

Jiang Zhaohong: the Founder of China Rock Eagle Boxing

Jiang Zhaohong (1915-1997), named Luya, styled Zhaohong. Due to the lack of water in his five elements, so his infant name was Jiang Shui(water). He was born in a small village called Kengshan in Xuntian town, Xinning county, Hunan province.

Jiang Zhaohong’s father, Jiang Jueji, also styled Zhou Qing (1888-1963), followed Cai E(a general) in the National Defense War in his early years, and was finally promoted to deputy division commander of the national revolutionary army because of his military achievements. When Jiang Zhaohong was six or seven years old, his father sent him to study in the local famous Qinglong Academy. The ancestral hall of the Jiang clan was built not far from his home. Some wealthy families invited martial arts masters to teach young children martial arts here. After school and in the evening, he often came to the ancestral hall to see the master teach his elder brothers and uncles to practice martial arts (In fact, while the master taught his apprentices, others were not allowed to watch, but Jiang Zhaohong’s father was the leader of Jiang clan, so he was allowed to watch exceptionally). Slowly, he started practicing with his fists and legs.

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After graduating from Zhaoling Middle School in Shaoyang city, his father took him to Changsha(capital of Hunan province), hoping that he could continue his study. For his advance to high school smoothly, his father asked a teacher to tutor him on holidays for subjects not offered in Zhaoling Middle School. At that time, his fasther’s military camp was next to the Provincial National Martial Arts School. The sound of the military camp and the martial arts school deeply attracted Jiang Zhaohong, who had been fond of martial arts since childhood, and already had a certain martial arts skill. Therefore, he did not care about the teacher’s supplementary courses and whether he could continue to study. Every time the teacher came to make up a lesson, he was found lying on the wall to see how the apprentices in the National Martial Arts School were punching and kicking. He was also absent-minded when the teacher giving lectures. The teacher had to tell his father about it.

After knowing this, commander Jiang thought that since his son liked martial arts, he might as well send him to the National Martial Arts School to practice it. Therefore, he sent Jiang Zhaohong to martial arts school for formal study, regardless of the expensive tuition of 800 yuan per year.

In the autumn of 1935, Jiang Zhaohong graduated with second place. After graduation, he stayed in the National Martial Arts School as an instructor for three years.

In September 1939, the first battle of Changsha broke out. Jiang Jueji, the father of Jiang Zhaohong, the deputy division commander of the national revolutionary army at that time, was ordered to lead his troops to resist the enemy at the Xinqiang River, and he also brought his son, Jiang Zhaohong, who was the platoon commander in his own army, to the battlefield to fight against Japanese army.

After the war, his father asked Jiang Zhaohong to return to his hometown and set up a martial arts school in Shaoyang city. During this period, Jiang Zhaohong, through exploration and research, based on his proficiency in eagle boxing, crane boxing, monkey boxing, swallow boxing, dragon boxing, tiger boxing,Nanquan, etc., combining the strengths of each boxing, inheriting and developing the eagle claw moves of Li Jingguo (an Anyang village native) who was a martial arts expert in Yidushui town in the late Qing Dynasty, then finally created two 24-stroke “Rock Eagle Boxing”.

It was said that Jiang Zhaohong’s martial arts such as darts, yuanyangtui (mandarin duck legs), qingong, qigong, wrestling and stabbing were superb.

Later, due to the further tension of the situation, Shaoyang was bombed by Japanese aircrafts, Jiang Zhaohong had to return to his hometown and teach at Yalantian primary school. It was said that Jiang Zhaohong was very good at geography, so he didn’t need to bring books in class. When students expressed doubt, he asked the students to point out a certain piece of knowledge, he then knew the answer in which page, there was nothing wrong with it.

In 1944, the Japanese stationed troops in Tianning village, Tangweitou, Huilongshi town. Jiang Zhaohong once detected that a small group of Japanese army had gone out, so he lead the joint defense team to Lintianping and successfully ambushed the Japanese army and killed more than a dozen Japanese soldiers. After the victory of the war of resistance against Japanese aggression, Jiang Zhaohong did not go out, but set up a martial arts hall at home to teach apprentices and offered traditional Chinese medicine treatment for the villagers.

After the 1960s, with his superb medical skills, Jiang Zhaohong practiced medicine in his hometown and saved people’s lives. He passed away of no illness at the age of 83 in 1997. In the past few decades, many people’s injuries have been cured by him. Over the years, people have been marveling at the profound martial arts of Jiang Zhaohong, a martial arts master and founder of Rock Eagle Boxing, and at the same time, praising his kind deeds of saving the dying and healing the wounded!

Langshan Girl Sells 1000 Boxes of Navel Orange Each Year

Remember Ding Zhen( a naive internet celebrity from Tibet)? If not, today we introduce a naive girl from Xinning county, who sells thousand of boxes of navel orange each year for her hometown. Her net name is Meng Lan.


Meng Lan and her grandpa

Meng’s grandpa was selected as a model worker in Hunan province because of his expertise in the cultivation and grafting of navel orange seedlings. From childhood, Meng Lan played in her grandpa’s orchard, so she has a special feeling for navel orange.


She started to help her family sell navel oranges from year 2015 when she just graduated from university and started working. She felt very embarrassed when she started to advertise in the circle of friends. Her father was also worried that selling navel oranges would affect her work. Her father just sent her only 100 boxes of navel oranges to try the luck! Fortunately, her teachers bought a lot of them, and then she slowly knew the tricks. It was also very fulfilling to think about promoting the navel orange cultivated by her grandpa!


Later, Meng Lan came to Beijing, with the first year of sales experience and increasingly developed e-commerce, she can help her family sell thousands of boxes of navel oranges every year.


Now selling oranges has become a sentiment, and it is also a yearning for her grandpa. Time flies, however Meng Lan has less and less time to share with her family. What she can do is to help her parents sell more navel oranges. Her ancestors have been farmers for generations, and they are also very simple, kind-hearted and honest. Just like her father taught her “to be honest and to do things in a down-to-earth way” . Meng Lan just want to share the best navel oranges selected at her hometown with everyone!


Langshan People: The Impression of Apple Hero


I mentioned my “grand” plan in the literary friends Wechat group of the writers association to write a series of impressions of literary friends and extensively collect photos and pictures. The discreet and introverted literary friends are so shy that only the Apple Hero generously sent his photo into the group, with a large golden rape flowers as the background. This can not help but remind me of his first day into the Wechat group and the scene we met in the first time.

Someday two years ago, shortly after the establishment of the writers association WeChat group, he joined. After his joining the group to say hello, the “teachers” he usually called started yelled and asked him to post his photo to introduce himself. As soon as he wanted to be reserved, I urged him: don’t be stingy, handsome boy! And to put it bluntly, when we joined the group, we were all explained with pictures and texts. (In fact, those of us “teachers” who entered the group either humiliated themselves or played tricks, and never posted photos at all.). So, even aggressively deceived, the WeChat literary friend named Apple Hero immediately confessed his “pretty photos”. It’s just that his photo is too far away from the image of literary youth, scholar and his professional image in my imagination. If I were the director who was casting a role through the photo, he must be the role of the bandit or other villain. Yes, that’s right, this Apple Hero with a fruity screen name, with a face full of flesh and a thick beard that can cover half of his face, subverted many fixed classic images in my heart.

I first met Apple Hero in the first gathering activity of the writers association. He was tall and burly, and somewhat mighty. The “grass” on his cheeks was obviously removed, but the green stubble in a circle was still faintly visible. I thought narrowly, so fat, can you run when you catch criminals?

In the rape flowers field, literary friends took pictures in groups. He jumped over and said: “Brother Jun, let’s take a group photo!” I raised my head strenuously, trying to check his eyes, but my eyes just reached the second button of his coat. “It’s not on a horizontal line, how can it be in the same frame?”. “That’s easy!” As he said, he jumped off the ridge, and deliberately tilted his body, and finally the photo with the normal height difference was taken. The so-called hero was still a little gentlemanly and flexible.


The second meeting with him was more than a month after that event, and a group of literary friends met again to gather at Xicunfang village, Yidushui town which is within the jurisdiction of the Apple Hero, and we were warmly received there. Not to mention the thoughtful arrangements and cares by Apple Hero, but his detailed and professional explanation when taking us to see the Xicunfang village and the Sandushui archway is comparable to a professional tour guide. It is a pity that he is not a tour guide. However, the tour guide is not as versatile and knowledgeable as he is. He led us, the literary friends who first visited the ancient dwellings of Xicunfang village of Yidushui town, slowly talked and watched along the way, so that we had a comprehensive understanding of Xichunfang. I thought, if I hadn’t have him, but just watched it around here by myself, I would definitely not be able to write anything when I got home. The so-called hero is also a warm and careful man.


In the later activities, due to time, work and other reasons, I participated less, and more often communicated with everyone in the Wechat group. The Apple Hero’s writing style is very good, the writing is natural and smooth, and the emotion is sincere. After the first literary friends gathering, I, like a homeless man, had not yet entered the writing state. But he had already written a beautifully written, scenic and historical story “Bamboo Sticks and Mens Shoes Lightly Win the Horse-Walking in Longtan and Wulizhen” which was published in the municipal journal “Guilin Tourism”, which made us look at it with admiration.

It can be seen that the Apple Hero likes writing and has been writing all the time, but he didn’t publish it. His QQ space has a lot of logs written years ago. There are youth stories, inspirational stories, police stories, and historical stories. Every one of them is very readable, and he can easily control each type. For the writing of historical celebrities or a well-known resort, it is required to understand the history, investigate the scene, and have one’s own thinking. Sometimes even only a few simple sentences in historical records also requires more imagination. He has written many articles of this kind, such as “Liu Kunyi of the late Qing Dynasty”, “The 11th year of Wanli”, ” A Chieftain Accidentally Created by a Peasant Uprising”, “Li Chaonai, a Legendary General of the Kuomintang”, and “The Temple of Chen and Ma in the Vicissitudes of Thousands of Years”, etc. These articles show his skill.


Occasionally, the Apple Hero would lament that his hair is becoming less and less, but his beard is getting thicker and thicker. He also laments that he is bound by worldly affairs and could not live with his nature. Occasionally he would hide in a small corner of the building, drinking tea, reading a booking, or practising calligraphy. There is always a hint of sadness in some of his proses. Sentimentality should be one of the characteristics of literati, right? From these points of view, the Apple Hero is actually a literary youth, rough in appearance, delicate in heart, and chivalrous.

Life is inevitably trivial, and there is inevitably a gap between ideals and reality. Love, dream, poetry and distance are enough.

Langshan People: The 95 year old veteran received the commemorative medal


“Thanks the party and the government for remembering our veterans.” Recently, 95 year old veteran Wang Bixing received the medal commemorating the 70th anniversary of the war against U.S. aggression and aid Korea

It is reported that Wang Bixing, born in May 1925 in Yidushui town, Xinning County, is the oldest veteran registered who fougth against U.S. aggression and aided Korea. In order to commemorate the 70th anniversary of war against U.S. aggression and aid Korea, the staff of Yidushui veterans service station came to the Wang’s home to learn about his recent situation, and issued commemorative medal to him.


“Wang is an old party member of Jintang village. He always supports the work in the village. We hope that he will live a long and healthy life.” Tang minsheng, secretary of the party branch of Jintang village, said.


“My father was an artilleryman before he retired from the army. He would talk to us about his glorious deeds in the army. We are proud of him.” Speaking of his father, Wang’s son is very proud.

Langshan People: Four were awarded the title of model worker, one advanced worker


On December 10, the commendation meeting of Shaoyang model workers and advanced workers in 2020 was held in the hall of the municipal party committee. Huang Jian, secretary of the party branch of Datang village of Anshan towns and general manager of Datang village ecological agriculture development Co., Ltd., Dai Shunyou, member of Langshan village party branch committee and legal person of Xinning county Yaoshi planting professional cooperative, Xu Qiaoqing, tour guide of Langshanhong International Travel Agency Co., Ltd., and Fan Zhenbao, a garbage removal contract worker of county environmental health service center, won the title of Shaoyang Model Woker. Fan Guoquan, a deputy chief physician, the director of the neurology department of the Xinning County People’s Hospital, won the honor of Shaoyang Advanced Worker.

Li Rongwei, deputy secretary of the county party committee, Su Jie, deputy director of the standing committee of the county people’s congress and chairman of the county federation of trade unions, attended the commendation meeting.


Gong Wenmi, secretary of the municipal party committee and director of the standing committee of the municipal people’s congress, as well as all the members of the standing committee of the municipal party committee, attended the meeting and awarded honorary certificates to the city’s model workers and representatives of advanced workers. Huang Jian made a typical speech at the meeting.


On behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Gong Wenmi extended warm congratulations and high respect to the model workers and advanced workers who were commended, and extended sincere greetings to the broad masses of workers and working people in all walks of life in the city.

Langshan orange planters:a new force for rural revitalization

Wang Houfa, 34, is a “second generation of navel orange planter” in HengBan village, Gaoqiao Town, Xinning County. His elders raised him by planting navel oranges. Now he sticks to his hometown, studies planting techniques, leads poor families to plant navel oranges and solves the problems for more fruit farmers.


The dark skinned “post-80s” young man is not only the founder of Zhongcheng planting and breeding cooperative, but also the pioneer of selling navel orange through e-commerce. When he was a child, Wang Houfa worked in the village with his father. He watched the fruit trees growing up, and he had a special feeling for agriculture.

Wang Houfa said: “In the past, few people planted navel oranges here. Because there were a lot of stones on our mountains which were not suitable for planting navel oranges, and most of them became barren”.

Before 2012, Wang Houfa used to do hydropower decoration in other places, with a monthly income of more than 4000 yuan. However, out of his deep love for the land, Wang Houfa resolutely gave up work and went back to his hometown to develop navel orange cultivation.


In order to make navel orange more high-yield and taste better, Wang Houfa actively contacted agricultural experts from CNHBN.COM to teach in his navel orange garden. With the help of experts, he planted green manure on a large scale to create the best ecological planting environment for navel orange. Meanwhile he also laid reflective film on the navel orange tree to reduce the absorption of rainwater and dew by the root system, which increases sugar conversion and makes the fruit sweeter.

In 2019, Wang Houfa seized the opportunity to establish a cooperative farming community, and planted navel orange with the poor households in the village. He also actively participated in the training of e-commerce, learned the knowledge of e-business, started the operation of the tiktok account “Houfa Ecological Farm”, and selling navel orange through internet . The sales of 2100 Mu navel oranges in the whole village are guaranteed

In the navel orange farm, Wang houfa told reporters that navel orange is the fruit of common people’s wealth here. We rely on navel orange to eat, dress, go to school and build houses. I hope that we can continue to drive more people to become well-off and become rich.