Social media influencers happily picked Langshan navel orange

Taking the opportunity of the 6th China ~ Langshan Navel Orange Cultural Tourism Festival, a group of social medial influencers went to Xinning county to find the birthplace of Langshan navel orange, Xiangtang Village in Qingjiangqiao town to pick navel oranges. Why must they choose Xiangtang Village? There are two reasons. Firstly, Xiangtang is the birthplace of Langshan navel

Promotion Meeting of Langshan Navel Orange held in Nanjing

On December 15, 2020, the Nanjing promotion meeting of Langshan navel orange is held in Nanjing Jingfeng Marriott Hotel as scheduled. The theme of the promotion meeting is “original juice, original flavor, original ecology, good mountain, good water and good navel orange”. The event site also launches a production and marketing matchmaking activity for the

″Romantic Langshan, Soul of Danxia″ photography works revealed

In order to fully demonstrate the beauty of Langshan mountain, attract photographers to create photography with keen insight and unique perspective, and promote the development of Langshan, China photography press and Xinning County People’s Government jointly held the National Photography Exhibition of “Romantic Langshan, Soul of Danxia”. Many photographers from all over the country made

First Langshan Navel Orange Internet Ecological Summit kicks off

On December 3, the “2020 First China Langshan Navel Orange Industry Internet Ecological Summit” was grandly held in Yuehan Village Square, Jinshi Town, Xinning county, Hunan province. The theme of this summit is “Orange invites the world, industry interconnection”. There will be several activities: Langshan navel orange internet ecological summit “Yuehan Village” brand press conference,

Learning from e-Commerce giants to promote Langshan navel orange

From December 17th to 18th, Li Rongwei, deputy secretary of the Xinning county party committee, and his entourage rushed to Hangzhou city to visit and learn from e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, Shunlian Power Limited, Youzan, Hangzhou Dream Town, Jingling Group, Mountaintop and Hangzhou Weinian. Through seminars and field visits, Li Rongwei and his entourage had

Malin to build a picturesque town of bamboo

Located in the southwest of Xinning County, Malin Yao nationality town is at the intersection of Xuefeng mountain and Yuechengling mountain, 35 kilometers away from Xinning county. With an average altitude of more than 1000 meters and a total area of 183.20 square kilometers, it is a typical remote ethnic minority town with 100000 mu

Rock Eagle Boxing selected into the recommended list of national intangible cultural heritage

Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the list of recommended projects in the fifth batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative projects. Among the 337 recommended projects, 19 projects declared and jointly declared by Hunan provinice were selected. Yanying(Rock Eagle) Boxing of Xinning county was selected into the recommended list of national intangible

Traditional opera goes into countryside to benefit the people

On December 21, the campaign “Three District Talents Training and Opera Going into Countryside to Benefit the People” organized by the bureau of culture, tourism, broadcast and sports launched in Liuyuan village and Zengjiaqiao village, Jinshi town, Xinning county. The bureau adheres to the preference of the masses, selects the content of performances, and screens

Emergency repair in cold midnight just for the people

Recently, the temperature has dropped sharply, and the power supply station of Yidushui Town has carried out special patrols in severe weather as always. At around 6 pm on December 15, 2020, the inspector found a line failure and immediately reported the situation to the leader. The maintenance staff rushed to the site and found that, apart from

Xinning County commemorated the 35th International Volunteer Day

On December 5, Xinning county held a series of activities to commemorate the 35th International Volunteer Day under the theme of “healthy Xinning, you and I go together” in Langshan International Convention and Exhibition Center. Peng Hongbing, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee, Minister of publicity, Secretary of the Party committee