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Beautiful Big Fish Pond in early winter

People praise the graceful peony, the summer lotus that comes out of the mud but not stained, the autumn chrysanthemum in Mount Nan, the wintersweet in the cold winter, but I only love the metasequoia in Big Fish Pond of Xinning county! In today’s clamorous world, this flaming metasequoia forest can ignite our almost chilled

Langshan Fengshen Cave-Tiankeng Upgraded to National 3A Scenic Spot

Aerial View of Tiankeng The Shaoyang Tourism Scenic Spot Quality Rating Committee organized an assessment recently, the Fengshen Cave-Tiankeng Scenic Area in Xinning County reached the national 3A tourist attraction standard and was certified as a national 3A tourist attraction. Located in Fengshendong Village, Huilongsi Town, Xinning county, Xinning Fengshen Cave-Tiankeng Scenic Area includes two

The century-old “Fangsheng Pavilion”​ Renovated

On the first day of year 2021, the newly-renovated “Fangsheng Pavilion” opens again. Located on the rocks of Litou Bay on the bank of Fuyi River in Jinshi Town, Xinning county, the “Fangsheng Pavilion” was initially built in the 25th year of Shaoxing period of the Southern Song Dynasty (1155). In the Ming Dynasty, an

Find Most Primitive Beauty in Hengpu Terrace

Hengpu, used to be a town in Xinning county and later merged into Huanglong town, stretches at the foot of Jinziling mountain. It is especially famous for its terraces and is a good place for rural sightseeing! Hengpu terraced fields cover Hengpu village, Tiantai village, Tiaoshi village and Cushi village, starting from Xiacushi in the

Xicunfang Ancient Dwelling,a 300-Year Old Mysterious Village

Xicunfang Ancient Dwelling is located in Yidushui Town, Xinning County, Hunan Province. Thanks to its location at the intersection of the ancient post roads between Wugang Prefecture and Yongzhou Prefecture, trade and business have flourished through the ages, making it a settlement and resting place. Because there was a village in the west of the

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