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Malin Yao Nationality Township named as”Hometown of Chinese Mao Bamboo

Recently, the Bamboo Branch of the Chinese Forestry Society announced the third batch of appraisal results of “Chinese Bamboo Industry Characteristic Township”. Among them, the Malin Yao nationality Township in Xinning county was appraised as the “Hometown of Chinese Mao Bamboo”.

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Located in the southwest of Hunan Province, Malin Yao nationality township is at the intersection of Xuefeng mountain and Yuechengling mountain. The soil and climate conditions here are very suitable for the growth of Mao bamboo. Currently, there are 100000 mu of bamboo, accounting for a quarter of the total area of bamboo in Xinning county. It is an important base for the processing of bamboo and bamboo shoots in the county.

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The Malin Yao nationality township plans to raise 150 million yuan to build a tourism and culture area, combining landscape resources of Malin, using the surrounding forests and mountains of Dazhen Reservoir to divert the tourist groups from Langshan to the golden pasture, seizing the opportunity to vigorously promote the development of the tourism industry.

Langshan Scenic Area ushered in a good start

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From February 14th to 15th, the weather in Langshan Scenic Area was fine, and the scenic spots were full of tourists, reappearing the grand occasion of National Day Golden Week. According to statistics, the scenic spots received more than 42,000 tourists on the third and fourth days of the lunar new year, exceeding the historical level of the same period, Langshan tourism ushered in a good start.

All staff on duty in Langshan Scenic Area went all out and tried their best to do good job in tourism safety, hygiene, management and service, and took the initiative to solve problems for tourists. The good tourism environment and service have been fully affirmed and praised by tourists.

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Ms. Zhang from Shaoyang city said it was warm in last year’s winter, and this year’s spring began earlier than normal. The weather in Langshan Spring Festival is clear and the temperature is mild. Peach blossoms, cherry blossoms, and rape blossoms are already in full bloom, which encourages tourists to travel. In addition, the local custom says it is auspicious to climb during the Spring Festival, so everyone likes to travel in natural and ecological scenic spots like Langshan.

Malin to build a picturesque town of bamboo

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Located in the southwest of Xinning County, Malin Yao nationality town is at the intersection of Xuefeng mountain and Yuechengling mountain, 35 kilometers away from Xinning county. With an average altitude of more than 1000 meters and a total area of 183.20 square kilometers, it is a typical remote ethnic minority town with 100000 mu of bamboo.

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In 2019, the decision of developing the Bamboo Industrial Park based on the advantages of abundant bamboo resources was made. And at the beginning of 2020, the blueprint of building a characteristic town of bamboo was officially drawed.

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The bamboo-featured town will make full use of the advantages of ethnic minorities culture and customs and bamboo resources, focusing on bamboo characteristics, building Malin Yao nationality town into a characteristic town of bamboo with rich ethnic customs. Taking Malin street as the center, the project makes the overall planning of the whole township, including subprojects such as ecological bamboo recuperation base, self-driving tour around the Malin reservoir, fishing ecological base, ethnic culture square, bamboo culture park, bamboo shoots processing base, etc.

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Malin Yao nationality town also has ethnic customs advantages. The town’s “Tiaogutang”, “Langshan Cave Song”, and “Bamboo Mask Dance” have been included in the provincial and municipal intangible cultural heritage protection list.

Rock Eagle Boxing selected into the recommended list of national intangible cultural heritage

Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the list of recommended projects in the fifth batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative projects. Among the 337 recommended projects, 19 projects declared and jointly declared by Hunan provinice were selected. Yanying(Rock Eagle) Boxing of Xinning county was selected into the recommended list of national intangible cultural heritage.

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Rock Eagle Boxing of Xinning county is one of the first batch of China’s sports intangible cultural heritage protection and promotion projects. In recent years, Xinning county has combined with the tourism development of Langshan Mountain to vigorously promote the Rock Eagle Boxing culture. “Rock Eagle Boxing” is one of the representative and important species of Hunan traditional martial arts. It originated from the “Eagle Claw Boxing” of Du Xinwu, a martial master. After several generations of great efforts, the Rock Eagle Boxing incorporated the essence of 12-Animal Movements, Five Movements of Shaolin, Eagle Claw Boxing and Crane Boxing. It meticulously imitates the brave and flexible forms and movements of the rock eagles lived in Xinning county, Hunan province while flying out of nest, foraging, soaring, hunting, killing, fighting, etc. It is an excellent pictographic boxing with 4-section 82 movements.

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“Rock Eagle Boxing” is a martial art with unique characteristics of the national culture of southwestern Hunan. After more than one hundred years of continuous inheritance and development, it is now spreading and flourishing in the vast area of Xinning county, Hunan province. Its unique styles and superb skills have been highly praised by martial arts experts at home and abroad and from all walks of life.

Traditional opera goes into countryside to benefit the people

On December 21, the campaign “Three District Talents Training and Opera Going into Countryside to Benefit the People” organized by the bureau of culture, tourism, broadcast and sports launched in Liuyuan village and Zengjiaqiao village, Jinshi town, Xinning county.

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The bureau adheres to the preference of the masses, selects the content of performances, and screens some works with strong political orientation, strong local culture, and rich in artistic expression based on the guiding ideology of “close to reality, close to the masses, and close to life” , such as Qiyang Opera “Dajinzhi”, Huangmei Opera “Collecting Grass for Piggy” fragments, Flower-drum Opera “Liu San Being a Father” and others, which fully embodies the combination of historical tradition and the spirit of the times, and promotes the spread, popularization, inheritance and development of opera arts in rural areas, and boosts the flow of cultural resources to the grassroots.
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At the same time, the opera experts of the county’s cultural center serve as cultural volunteers to explain opera knowledge and provide opera guidance to enhance the farmers’ access to public cultural services. The campaign started on December 21, 2020 and will end on January 14, 2021.

The performances in Liuyuan village and Zengjiaqiao village were spectacular and attracted hundreds of people to watch. At the performance site, the opera was melodious and lively, and the audience cheered, laughed and applauded from time to time. Everyone was elated while watching, and took out mobile phones to record wonderful moments.

Learning from e-Commerce giants to promote Langshan navel orange

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From December 17th to 18th, Li Rongwei, deputy secretary of the Xinning county party committee, and his entourage rushed to Hangzhou city to visit and learn from e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, Shunlian Power Limited, Youzan, Hangzhou Dream Town, Jingling Group, Mountaintop and Hangzhou Weinian.

Through seminars and field visits, Li Rongwei and his entourage had a basic understanding of traditional fruit sales in e-commerce, and a comprehensive understanding of how to use online e-commerce platforms to promote and sell Xinning special agricultural products. Li Li, head of Alibaba’s rural business in Central China, gave a detailed introduction to the sales direction of navel oranges and the main regional distribution areas of various Taobao and Tmall navel orange sellers with the help of online big data.

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In the forum, the person in charge of Shunlian Power Limited said that the Langshan navel orange will be recommended for two days free of charge on the homepage of its own APP at an appropriate time. The project leaders of Youzan and Jingling put forward good opinions and suggestions on the promotion of the navel orange in combination with the existing platforms. During the field visit of Hangzhou Weinian, the operator of the well-known online brand “Li Ziqi”, we got to know the story behind the successful marketing of a popular online product. The heads of relevant departments participating in the field visit asked questions in combination with their own practical problems, and had in-depth and detailed communication with the person in charge of the above-mentioned company.

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During the investigation, Li Rongwei pointed out: navel orange processing enterprises should quickly change their sales ideas, comprehensively analyze and position the sales situation of online navel orange, and actively participate in it. The relevant functional departments should increase the training of e-commerce business, guide and drive fruit farmers to invest in online sales. The relevant functional departments should also correctly analyze the current sales situation of navel orange, combine with the successful cases of online sales platform, and make full use of the investigation results to do a good job in the comprehensive cooperation with various famous e-commerce brands in the online sales of Langshan navel orange, so as to realize the continuous increase of fruit farmers’ income in the high-yield year.

Social media influencers happily picked Langshan navel orange

Taking the opportunity of the 6th China ~ Langshan Navel Orange Cultural Tourism Festival, a group of social medial influencers went to Xinning county to find the birthplace of Langshan navel orange, Xiangtang Village in Qingjiangqiao town to pick navel oranges.

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Why must they choose Xiangtang Village? There are two reasons.

Firstly, Xiangtang is the birthplace of Langshan navel orange. To make a long story short, the time goes back to 1930, when Chen Zhong, who was studying at the Huangpu Military Academy and was excellent in academics, obtained several Washington navel orange seedlings from the American instructors and planted them in his hometown of Xiangtang.

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The American navel orange that came across the ocean is very well suited to the soil and water of Xiangtang. Chen Zhong became the first person to introduce navel orange to China, and Xiangtang Village became the birthplace of Chinese navel orange.

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Secondly, the Big-V opinion leaders, a group of travel experts who love to catch typical examples and pretend to be forced, went to Xiangtang to pick navel oranges, which seemed to be higher.

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Besides, the joy of picking lies in the pleasure of reaping without work. No farming in spring, no management in summer, no maintenance in winter, just waiting for the joy of autumn harvest, let alone the social media influencers, who is not so?

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It’s better to take advantage of this year’s export hindrance and choose a weekend to pick Langshan navel orange in Xinning county, Hunan province!

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Emergency repair in cold midnight just for the people

Recently, the temperature has dropped sharply, and the power supply station of Yidushui Town has carried out special patrols in severe weather as always. At around 6 pm on December 15, 2020, the inspector found a line failure and immediately reported the situation to the leader. The maintenance staff rushed to the site and found that, apart from a broken wire, the other 10KV high-voltage line was seriously damaged. The power supply station of Yidushui Town immediately launched an emergency repair plan。Considering the recent cold temperature and it is time for the villagers to cook dinner, the person in charge of the power supply station issued the power outage notice for circuit repair, and arranged two staff members to squat at the point of failure to prevent safety accidents.

Starting at 8:31 p.m., partial power failure and emergency repair were carried out. The 12 emergency repair personnel made full efforts to repair on site. They raced against time in the cold wind and rain, cleaned up obstacles and passages, and carried out maintenance relying on car lights and flashlight. They replaced two 10kv High-voltage lines and two drop type insurance in two stations. They were busy until 12:00 p.m when the normal power supply resumed. Fearing not the cold night, moving against the chilly wind, their busy figures on the scene became a beautiful landscape in the dark.

“The people’s electricity industry is for the people, and this is what we should do.” He Lingming, director of Yidushui power supply station, said. This was a busy night for the repair personnel of the power supply station of Yidushui Town. It is commonplace to travel day and night. They use their own practical actions to fulfill their promise of “serving the people”.​​​​

Promotion Meeting of Langshan Navel Orange held in Nanjing


On December 15, 2020, the Nanjing promotion meeting of Langshan navel orange is held in Nanjing Jingfeng Marriott Hotel as scheduled. The theme of the promotion meeting is “original juice, original flavor, original ecology, good mountain, good water and good navel orange”. The event site also launches a production and marketing matchmaking activity for the Langshan navel orange, a high-quality agricultural product in Hunan Province.

This promotion meeting is hosted by the CPC Xinning County Committee and Xinning County People’s Government. Qin Lijun, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Shaoyang Municipal People’s Congress and Secretary of the Xinning County Committee of the Communist Party of China, Li Rongwei, Deputy Secretary of the Xinning County Committee of the Communist Party of China, Li Dajun, a first-level investigator of the Nanjing Bureau of Commerce, the responsible persons of Nanjing Bureau of Commerce, Jiangsu Hunan Chamber of Commerce, Jiangsu Hunan Shaoyang Chamber of Commerce, Nanjing Zhongcai Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale Market Co., Ltd. and relevant units in Xinning County, as well as representatives of fruit industry chambers of commerce, fruit buyers, and media reporters from all over the country participated in the promotion meeting.


At the promotion meeting, everyone learned in detail about the historical origin, planting conditions and product quality of Langshan navel oranges through video introductions and on-site explanations. They also taste this delicious gift from nature. Langshan navel orange is ecologically healthy, with strong and sweet flavor, tender sap, and fragrant taste. With top quality and favored by the consumers, it has become a national geographical indication protection product and a famous agricultural product in Hunan Province.


Langshan navel orange, absorbing the essence of beautiful mountains and water, has become a shining name card for Hunan’s agricultural specialty products. This time it reaches Nanjing, a famous capital of the Six Dynasties with profound heritage and strong development, and shows the public with full “orange” meaning(sincerity). At the promotion meeting, representatives of many companies and merchants express their love for Langshan navel orange products and clearly express their cooperation intentions. At the signing ceremony held on site, many domestic fruit buyers and processing companies sign sales agreements with Xinning County for Langshan navel oranges, reaching a sales intention of 160 million yuan.


″Romantic Langshan, Soul of Danxia″ photography works revealed

In order to fully demonstrate the beauty of Langshan mountain, attract photographers to create photography with keen insight and unique perspective, and promote the development of Langshan, China photography press and Xinning County People’s Government jointly held the National Photography Exhibition of “Romantic Langshan, Soul of Danxia”. Many photographers from all over the country made contribution to the exhibition. Now the selected works are revealed.

Clouds Sea in Baojiao Stronghold-By Cedar Kraus

Egrets happily visit Liuping village – By Jiang Zhonghan

Snow-sealed Danxia-By Chen Lin

Crafts Teaching-By Liu Zhigang

Spring- By Tang Yanbin

Green Mountain-Qin Yongyao

The King Inspects Mountain-By Dai Xiaohui

Danxian Floating Cloud-By Zheng Jianfeng

Tofu Museum -By Li Sha

Flying Over – By Jiang Jun

Fairy Tale of Harvest – By He Rongxiang

Beautiful Scenery of Fuyi River – By Liang Wu

Magic Bay of Fuyi River -By Gong Shunsong

Jixinding Snow Scene -By Zhu Jubin

Flying Rainbow over General Stone-By Liu jiao’e

Dragon Out to Sea – Wang Xiaobin

Langshan’s Dawn – he Wanquan

Langshan’s Buddha Light -By Chen Yuhai

Langshan’s Sea Fog – Mo Jiaxun

Morning Rhyme of Langshan Terrace-By Li Ruxin

Langshan Idyllic Spring Scenery -By Li Xinhua

Romantic Sun Valley – By Hu Pengfei

Lixi Rafting -By Lei Zhenliang

Carps Paddling in The Sea -By Luo Ling

Dragon Dance -By Li Riai

Camel Peak – By Liu Zhijun

Dreamlike Bajiao Stronghold – He Xianhai

Aerial View of the Danxia Top-By Zhong Yueneng

Morning of Niubi Village-By Deng Qingshan

Veil-By Li Xiangjie

Love under General Stone-By Huang Dajiang

Picturesque Village – Mo Jianmei

LivestreamingIn Xicunfang-By Deng Yongfei

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