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Live streaming boosts Langshan tourism and sales of navel orange

On November 20th, the 7th China Langshan Navel Orange Cultural Tourism Festival “Internet Celebrity Live Streaming” was officially launched. The live event lasted for two days from November 20th to 21st. Zeng Xiaoming, researcher of Shaoyang Bureau of Commerce, Peng Hongbing, deputy secretary of Xinning County Party committee and head of Xinning County People’s government, Xu Lihua, chairman of Xinning County CPPCC, Deng Kaili, deputy head of Xinning County People’s government and other leaders attended the live event.

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Liqin, Yao Qi and other influencers with millions of fans and 50 outstanding local liver streamers in Shaoyang city and Xinning county introduced Langshan tourism and Langshan navel orange through live broadcasting, which attracted a total of more than 6 million people to watch online and won 2.2 million of likes.

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Xinning County is one of the four bigest navel orange export base counties in China. Its navel orange planting area is 500,000 mu, with an annual output of 700,000 tons and an annual output value of 5 billion yuan. Xinning county has successively won a series of honorary titles such as the first batch of pollution-free fruit production demonstration counties in China, the national standardized production base of green food raw materials, etc.

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The Academic Committee of Jincheng Academy officially inaugurated

On November 21, the academic committee of Jincheng Academy was officially inaugurated though it was cold and rainy outside. Xiao Jianfeng, the dean of Jincheng Academy, officially issued the member certificates to 6 members including Zhou Guanghui and Zhou Xiaobo. Zhou Guanghui was co-elected as the deputy dean of Jincheng Academy.

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Xiao Jianfeng briefed the participants on the work done by the academy over the past three years since its establishment and its future work plans, and in particular highly affirmed the academy’s achievements in tapping the traditional culture and cultural celebrities of Xinning county. He hoped that the academic committee, based on the reality of Xinning county, would deeply explore, strive to innovate, create characteristics, and make contributions to publicizing Xinning county and promoting the development of Langshan tourism.

Zhou Guanghui, director of the academic committee and former secretary-general of the county CPPCC, Zhou Xiaobo(executive deputy director of the academic committee), Zhu Wuyang(deputy director) and other three members Zheng Yuanfeng, Li liangce and Lin Chenghai also made speeches successively and put forward ideas and suggestions for the future’s work.

Langshan FPV Drone Racing Invitational Tournament Closed

On November 20, 2021, the Langshan FPV Drone Racing Invitational Tournament was successfully held in Langshan Scenic Area of Xinning county, Hunan province. The organizer took Chili Peak as the main body to build a “racetrack”, creating a cool racetrack of “Seeing Langshan from the air”.

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The aerobatic drones flew over the navel orange orchard, kicking off the prelude of the race and showing the navel orange picking at a close distance. Obstacle track is set at the foot of the Chilli Peak for speed crossing. After stopping at the foot of Chilli Peak, the FPV Drones quickly climbed to the top of the mountain, and finally turned its head and fell rapidly from the top of the mountain, completing a thrilling and interesting “cliff jumping flight”.

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Through two rounds of intense and exciting speed competition, No. 5 player Peng Longxin from Leiyang city won the championship. After competition the Hunan Provincial Model Sports Association took this opportunity to set up a professional training base in Langshan and conduct on-site licensing.

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The 7th Langshan Navel Orange Cultural Tourism Festival Opened

On November 20, 2021, the opening ceremony of the 7th China Langshan Navel Orange Cultural Tourism Festival was held in Yuehan village, Jinshi Town, Xinning County, Hunan Province. Nearly 100 merchants and large growers gathered here to taste oranges and sign orders. Cheers and laughter floated over the harvest orchard.

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Navel oranges harvest attracts visitors with fragrance. This year’s Navel Orange Cultural Tourism Festival is another a “highlight” of “oranges”. With Langshan tourism and the navel orange industry as the main line, a number of activities are used as carriers to promote Xinning’s magical scenery, historical customs and local flavors from multiple angles.

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The activities mainly include the creative short video challenge from November to December, the National Photography Exhibition of “A Hundred-Li of Navel Orange Connecting Langshan”, the First National Chinese Painting Exhibition of “A Hundred-Li of Navel Orange Connecting Langshan”, the opening ceremony of the 7th China Langshan Navel Orange Cultural Tourism Festival, the live streaming of the big event-“Unmanned Competition · Flying over Langshan” FPV Drone Racing Invitational Tournament, “Internet Celebrity Live Streaming”, the on-the-spot visit of the boutique lines of “Travel Langshan Mountain Together in 2021” , etc.
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Live streaming training helps the sales of Langshan navel orange

On November 15th,  the new farmer’s Tiktok live streaming  public welfare training course in Yuehan village, Xinning county entered the third day. With the help of the instructor, the trainees were conducting a live trial broadcast according to the sales script provided by the teacher. The trainees took turns in groups of four. On the stage, the anchor and the deputy interacted, and the scene was hot.

Yuehan village has a long history of planting navel orange, in the 1990s, its navel orange base was listed as one of the four major export navel orange bases in China by the ministry of foreign trade. It enjoys a glorious past.  Last year, it won the reputation of “the first navel orange village in the world”, which is the pride of Yuehan villagers today.

This Tiktok live streaming  public welfare training was initiated by Xinning Longfeng Fruit Industry Company. The aim is to build a Langshan navel orange online celebrity village and implement the “three two-hundreds” goal, that is, a professional navel orange village with 600 households to have 200 households engaged in professional planting, 200 households specialized in processing, and 200 households specialized in marketing. Therefore, the traininig course focuses on the practical operation of trainees, stressing the training of the live streaming process such as sales script planning, on-the-shelf merchandise display, launch test, and short video drainage.

The first Langshan Navel Orange deep-processing project signed

On November 12, Xinning County Runjie Agricultural Development Co., Ltd signed a contract of Langshan navel orange deep-processing.The estimated total investment of the project is 110 million yuan. It is planned to cover area of 55 mu, the standardized workshop and production workshop is 16.6 mu, and the construction area is 15000 square meters.

The project will be completed and put into operation within 18 months from the date of construction. After completion, the project can reach the production capacity in 3 years, with an annual processing capacity of 100000 tons of navel orange. It mainly produces navel orange HPP juice, navel orange wine and fine fresh fruit. The project is expected to achieve an annual output value of about 510 million yuan, an annual tax of more than 10 million yuan and create more than 90 jobs.

With a long history of planting navel oranges, in recent years, the Xinning county has implemented the development concept of “A Hundred Li of Navel Oranges Integrating into Langshan Mountain” and built it as a pillar characteristic industry that goes hand in hand with the tourism industry. With more than 50000 mu of planting area, an output of 700,000 tons, and an annual output value of more than 5 billion yuan, Xinning has also become “the first Navel Orange County in China” .

The successful signing of this project filled the gap in the deep processing of the navel orange in Xinning county, effectively enhanced the brand value of Langshan navel oranges, extended the value chain of the navel orange industry, and stimulated new momentum for the development of the navel orange industry. It will surely boost the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries and promote rural revitalization.

Langshan Mascot-Navel Orange Baby “New Lang Orange” debuts

“Navel orange baby” is the Langshan mascot launched this year. The design idea is “good oranges come from good mountains and good water”. It adopts the “orange red” appearance of navel orange, with a round head and two green leaves, which is very intuitive and vivid.


Wearing traditional Chinese costumes-Tang suits, using traditional embroidery to paint the representative pictographic landscape of “Langshan Eight Wonders”-Luotuofeng, the “Navel orange baby” shows the unique Danxia landform of Langshan to the world with Chinese elements.


The image of orange is based on the running posture. It is round, lovely and full of vigor. and its sweet smile implies that the industrious Langshan people welcome visitors from all over the world. The running posture means that Xinning Langshan tourism and navel orange industry are running forward, going out of China and running to the world with the pace of the times.


A peculiar mushroom“Geastrum triplex”discovered in Langshan

Mushrooms in nature have various shapes and forms. Some are very deadly, some are delicious and some are beautiful and magical. They are ordinary plants full of magic.


Recently, a photography enthusiast discovered a very strange-looking fungus species in the Shunhuangshan National Nature Reserve in Xinning county, Hunan province. The fellows didn’t know what it was. After many inquires, they learned that the species is called geastrum triplex which is know as one of the ten most peculiar and beautiful mushrooms in the world.


Yan Keming, a photographer, said: “I like to cross countryside and walk in the mountains. For the first time, I saw such strange things, like pearls and fungi, with 9 claws. I have never seen it. This color is so beautiful, it looks like man-made, I can’t see what it is, I’ve never seen it before, it’s amazing!”

Geastrum triplex is a kind of dust fungus that grows at a certain altitude and location. It looks like it has just emerged from the ground. This unusual mushroom shape has a radial edge and a fruiting body (an organ of fungus) in the center, which spreads the spores on the fruiting body when the wind blows by.


Geastrum triplex is a valuable plant with a certain medicinal value. It is said that it can also predict future astronomical phenomena.


Shunhuangshan National Nature Reserve has done a good job in environmental protection in recent years, so it can grow geastrum triplex. A resource survey has be done on the entire forest area of Xinning county, and this is the first time the geastrum triplex has been discovered. It proves that the ecology of Xinning county is getting better and better. Great efforts have indeed been made in environmental protection. The emergence of this strain has added another species to the biodiversity of Xinning county.

35 XiNning students were rewarded by iDreamsky Education Foundation

On September 5, 35 students were rewarded at the opening ceremony of Xinning No. 1 High School in the autumn of 2021. It is reported that the bonus, ranging from 5,000 to 6,000, is funded by the Shenzhen Idreamsky Technology Co., Ltd.


Mr. Deng Renhai, secretary-general of iDreamsky Education Foundation made a speech. He first expressed his gratitude to the teachers of his alma mater for their cultivation, and gave two words to the students present here: First, the rough skin and thick flesh come from scars, heroes have been suffering since ancient times; Second, if you think you can, you can!


Deng Renhai

Liu Yuhang, a graduate of class 471 of 2021 and a freshman of Nanjing University, spoke on behalf of the award-winning students. He first expressed his heartfelt thanks to iDreamsky Education Foundation and said that he would always be grateful, determined to become a talent, repay his hometown and society, and bravely shoulder the important task of young people in the new era.


Liu Yuhang

The iDreamsky Education Foundation is a Xinning Public Welfare Education Foundation initiated and established by Mr. Chen Xiangyu, chairman of Shenzhen iDreamsky Technology Co., Ltd. The purpose of the foundation is to reward excellent students and help the poor, aid students and teaching, help Xinning’s educational development, repay the hometown and benefit the society.


Mr. Chen Xiangyu

Langshan Mountain’s cableway to be upgraded

At present, Bajiao Stronghold’s cableway in Langshan Mountain scenic spot is gradually aging. Due to its slow operation speed and small reception capacity, especially in the peak of tourist season and holiday, it cannot meet the needs of tourists at all, which has severely restricted the development of Langshan Mountain’s tourism.


In order to create an excellent tourist destination in the world, the Xinning county party committee and the Xinning county government attach great importance to it and propose to quickly upgrade the Bajiao Stronghold’s cableway. It is required to build it into the most advanced, scientific and comfortable passenger sightseeing cableway in the world.


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