Jiang Zhaohong: the Founder of China Rock Eagle Boxing

Jiang Zhaohong (1915-1997), named Luya, styled Zhaohong. Due to the lack of water in his five elements, so his infant name was Jiang Shui(water). He was born in a small village called Kengshan in Xuntian town, Xinning county, Hunan province. Jiang Zhaohong’s father, Jiang Jueji, also styled Zhou Qing (1888-1963), followed Cai E(a general) in

Langshan Girl Sells 1000 Boxes of Navel Orange Each Year

Remember Ding Zhen( a naive internet celebrity from Tibet)? If not, today we introduce a naive girl from Xinning county, who sells thousand of boxes of navel orange each year for her hometown. Her net name is Meng Lan. Meng Lan and her grandpa Meng’s grandpa was selected as a model worker in Hunan province

Langshan People: The Impression of Apple Hero

I mentioned my “grand” plan in the literary friends Wechat group of the writers association to write a series of impressions of literary friends and extensively collect photos and pictures. The discreet and introverted literary friends are so shy that only the Apple Hero generously sent his photo into the group, with a large golden

Langshan People: The 95 year old veteran received the commemorative medal

“Thanks the party and the government for remembering our veterans.” Recently, 95 year old veteran Wang Bixing received the medal commemorating the 70th anniversary of the war against U.S. aggression and aid Korea It is reported that Wang Bixing, born in May 1925 in Yidushui town, Xinning County, is the oldest veteran registered who fougth

Langshan People: Four were awarded the title of model worker, one advanced worker

On December 10, the commendation meeting of Shaoyang model workers and advanced workers in 2020 was held in the hall of the municipal party committee. Huang Jian, secretary of the party branch of Datang village of Anshan towns and general manager of Datang village ecological agriculture development Co., Ltd., Dai Shunyou, member of Langshan village

Langshan orange planters:a new force for rural revitalization

Wang Houfa, 34, is a “second generation of navel orange planter” in HengBan village, Gaoqiao Town, Xinning County. His elders raised him by planting navel oranges. Now he sticks to his hometown, studies planting techniques, leads poor families to plant navel oranges and solves the problems for more fruit farmers. The dark skinned “post-80s” young

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