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Xinning County commemorated the 35th International Volunteer Day

On December 5, Xinning county held a series of activities to commemorate the 35th International Volunteer Day under the theme of “healthy Xinning, you and I go together” in Langshan International Convention and Exhibition Center. Peng Hongbing, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee, Minister of publicity, Secretary of the Party committee of Langshan Management Bureau, and heads of the Publicity Department of the county Party committee and the county health bureau attended the event.


At the meeting, Peng Hongbing fully affirmed the hard work of volunteers in the whole county. He pointed out that it is necessary to improve the political position, integrate voluntary service into civilized practice, serve the public, and give full play to the important role of voluntary service in publicizing, educating and serving the masses. It is necessary to improve the service ability, realize the specialization and socialization of volunteer service team, the precision and normalization of voluntary service projects, and the systematization and informatization of volunteer service mechanism, so as to promote the volunteer service to be refined, bigger and stronger, and create a brand.

Currently our county poverty alleviation work is in the final stage, Langshan tourism development is in the ascendant, the pace of well-off construction is moving forward calmly, volunteers should continue to carry forward the spirit of dedication, mutual assistance, friendship and progress as always, and contribute to the tourism development of Xinning and the harmonious progress of society!

There were a lot of wonderful literature and art performances on site, the excellent emergency doctors of the county people’s hospital were also invited to give a public first aid knowledge lecture, which enriched the daily self-care knowledge and prevention methods.

First Langshan Navel Orange Internet Ecological Summit kicks off

On December 3, the “2020 First China Langshan Navel Orange Industry Internet Ecological Summit” was grandly held in Yuehan Village Square, Jinshi Town, Xinning county, Hunan province.

The theme of this summit is “Orange invites the world, industry interconnection”. There will be several activities: Langshan navel orange internet ecological summit “Yuehan Village” brand press conference, Langshan agricultural special e-commerce brand exhibition, and a visit to Longfeng Fruit Industry’s standardized supply chain construction , cooperation and exchange seminar “Orange invites the world, meet in romantic Langshan” Langshan navel orange online e-commerce festival, Langshan navel orange orchard on-site tasting.

The summit also fully mobilized the publicity resources of the Internet, TV, traditional media and self-media, and invited Weibo big VIPs, 1668 live broadcast, and local Internet celebrities to live broadcast at the navel orange orchard base to promote the Langshan navel orange with the huge amount of live broadcast.

Langshan navel orange originates from Xinning County, Hunan Province at 26 degrees north latitude. It has a humid mid-subtropical climate, rich in sunlight, abundant rainfall, rich in various trace elements, and no industrial “three wastes” pollution. It is a gold producing area for navel orange cultivation. The county has an area of 500,000 mu of navel oranges, with an output of 700,000 tons of navel oranges and an output value of 5 billion yuan. Its cultivation area and output of navel orange ranks first in China.

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