Langshan People: The Impression of Apple Hero


I mentioned my “grand” plan in the literary friends Wechat group of the writers association to write a series of impressions of literary friends and extensively collect photos and pictures. The discreet and introverted literary friends are so shy that only the Apple Hero generously sent his photo into the group, with a large golden rape flowers as the background. This can not help but remind me of his first day into the Wechat group and the scene we met in the first time.

Someday two years ago, shortly after the establishment of the writers association WeChat group, he joined. After his joining the group to say hello, the “teachers” he usually called started yelled and asked him to post his photo to introduce himself. As soon as he wanted to be reserved, I urged him: don’t be stingy, handsome boy! And to put it bluntly, when we joined the group, we were all explained with pictures and texts. (In fact, those of us “teachers” who entered the group either humiliated themselves or played tricks, and never posted photos at all.). So, even aggressively deceived, the WeChat literary friend named Apple Hero immediately confessed his “pretty photos”. It’s just that his photo is too far away from the image of literary youth, scholar and his professional image in my imagination. If I were the director who was casting a role through the photo, he must be the role of the bandit or other villain. Yes, that’s right, this Apple Hero with a fruity screen name, with a face full of flesh and a thick beard that can cover half of his face, subverted many fixed classic images in my heart.

I first met Apple Hero in the first gathering activity of the writers association. He was tall and burly, and somewhat mighty. The “grass” on his cheeks was obviously removed, but the green stubble in a circle was still faintly visible. I thought narrowly, so fat, can you run when you catch criminals?

In the rape flowers field, literary friends took pictures in groups. He jumped over and said: “Brother Jun, let’s take a group photo!” I raised my head strenuously, trying to check his eyes, but my eyes just reached the second button of his coat. “It’s not on a horizontal line, how can it be in the same frame?”. “That’s easy!” As he said, he jumped off the ridge, and deliberately tilted his body, and finally the photo with the normal height difference was taken. The so-called hero was still a little gentlemanly and flexible.


The second meeting with him was more than a month after that event, and a group of literary friends met again to gather at Xicunfang village, Yidushui town which is within the jurisdiction of the Apple Hero, and we were warmly received there. Not to mention the thoughtful arrangements and cares by Apple Hero, but his detailed and professional explanation when taking us to see the Xicunfang village and the Sandushui archway is comparable to a professional tour guide. It is a pity that he is not a tour guide. However, the tour guide is not as versatile and knowledgeable as he is. He led us, the literary friends who first visited the ancient dwellings of Xicunfang village of Yidushui town, slowly talked and watched along the way, so that we had a comprehensive understanding of Xichunfang. I thought, if I hadn’t have him, but just watched it around here by myself, I would definitely not be able to write anything when I got home. The so-called hero is also a warm and careful man.


In the later activities, due to time, work and other reasons, I participated less, and more often communicated with everyone in the Wechat group. The Apple Hero’s writing style is very good, the writing is natural and smooth, and the emotion is sincere. After the first literary friends gathering, I, like a homeless man, had not yet entered the writing state. But he had already written a beautifully written, scenic and historical story “Bamboo Sticks and Mens Shoes Lightly Win the Horse-Walking in Longtan and Wulizhen” which was published in the municipal journal “Guilin Tourism”, which made us look at it with admiration.

It can be seen that the Apple Hero likes writing and has been writing all the time, but he didn’t publish it. His QQ space has a lot of logs written years ago. There are youth stories, inspirational stories, police stories, and historical stories. Every one of them is very readable, and he can easily control each type. For the writing of historical celebrities or a well-known resort, it is required to understand the history, investigate the scene, and have one’s own thinking. Sometimes even only a few simple sentences in historical records also requires more imagination. He has written many articles of this kind, such as “Liu Kunyi of the late Qing Dynasty”, “The 11th year of Wanli”, ” A Chieftain Accidentally Created by a Peasant Uprising”, “Li Chaonai, a Legendary General of the Kuomintang”, and “The Temple of Chen and Ma in the Vicissitudes of Thousands of Years”, etc. These articles show his skill.


Occasionally, the Apple Hero would lament that his hair is becoming less and less, but his beard is getting thicker and thicker. He also laments that he is bound by worldly affairs and could not live with his nature. Occasionally he would hide in a small corner of the building, drinking tea, reading a booking, or practising calligraphy. There is always a hint of sadness in some of his proses. Sentimentality should be one of the characteristics of literati, right? From these points of view, the Apple Hero is actually a literary youth, rough in appearance, delicate in heart, and chivalrous.

Life is inevitably trivial, and there is inevitably a gap between ideals and reality. Love, dream, poetry and distance are enough.

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