Langshan Fengshen Cave-Tiankeng Upgraded to National 3A Scenic Spot


Aerial View of Tiankeng

The Shaoyang Tourism Scenic Spot Quality Rating Committee organized an assessment recently, the Fengshen Cave-Tiankeng Scenic Area in Xinning County reached the national 3A tourist attraction standard and was certified as a national 3A tourist attraction.

Located in Fengshendong Village, Huilongsi Town, Xinning county, Xinning Fengshen Cave-Tiankeng Scenic Area includes two scenic spots, Fengshen Cave and Tiankeng. It is a typical karst cave and karst funnel landscape, and wins the reputation of “A Unique Hibiscus” and “The Eye of the Earth”.

Fengshen Cave has wind at the entrance, cool in summer and warm in winter, and is a refuge for the legendary Fengshen. The cave has been developed a travel distance of more than 2,000 meters. There are five halls including the Hall of Yangxin, the Hall of Lectures, the Hall of Zixu, the Hall of Performing Methods, and the Hall of Fengshen, as well as the underground brook with an area of more than 3,000 square meters. The cave is full of various wonders such as stalactites, stalagmites, stone mantles, stone flowers, etc. Under the light of the light, it is illusory and spectacular.

The Tiankeng is more than 270 meters long, 150 meters wide, 108 meters deep, oval shaped, with an area of more than 50 mu. Looking down from the heaven, it looks like the “Eye of the Earth”. With caves in which tens of thousands of swallows gather, it is also known as “Swallows Rock”. It is a rare and large-scale karst topography and geological spectacle wonder in Hunan province.

Fengshen Cave

Fengshen Cave-Tiankeng Scenic Area fully reflects the main structures of the karst landscape from karst gully, stone buds, peak clusters, peak forests, karst buckets, karst depressions on the ground to the karst caves underground and the stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone mantle, travertine and tufa in the caves. In the whole scenic area, mountains are connected with water, water with rocks, rocks with caves, and the caves are windy. The pavilions, towers, and stone forests are scattered among the green mountains and water.


In recent years, under the guidance of Xinning’s “tourism county” development strategy, the “creation of a overall tourism demonstration area” and the police of “poverty alleviation”, and under the guidance of leaders, experts and cultural and tourism departments at all levels, the Fengshen Cave-Tiankeng Scenic Area has devoted all its efforts to the construction of 3A scenic area. It has invested more than 8 million yuan in the construction of tourist trails, guardrails, trestle roads around Tiankeng, rest pavilion, viewing platform, tourist center, parking lot, tourist toilet, sign board, work room and other protective facilities, which makes the scenic area more humanized and convenient.


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