Langshan Girl Sells 1000 Boxes of Navel Orange Each Year

Remember Ding Zhen( a naive internet celebrity from Tibet)? If not, today we introduce a naive girl from Xinning county, who sells thousand of boxes of navel orange each year for her hometown. Her net name is Meng Lan.


Meng Lan and her grandpa

Meng’s grandpa was selected as a model worker in Hunan province because of his expertise in the cultivation and grafting of navel orange seedlings. From childhood, Meng Lan played in her grandpa’s orchard, so she has a special feeling for navel orange.


She started to help her family sell navel oranges from year 2015 when she just graduated from university and started working. She felt very embarrassed when she started to advertise in the circle of friends. Her father was also worried that selling navel oranges would affect her work. Her father just sent her only 100 boxes of navel oranges to try the luck! Fortunately, her teachers bought a lot of them, and then she slowly knew the tricks. It was also very fulfilling to think about promoting the navel orange cultivated by her grandpa!


Later, Meng Lan came to Beijing, with the first year of sales experience and increasingly developed e-commerce, she can help her family sell thousands of boxes of navel oranges every year.


Now selling oranges has become a sentiment, and it is also a yearning for her grandpa. Time flies, however Meng Lan has less and less time to share with her family. What she can do is to help her parents sell more navel oranges. Her ancestors have been farmers for generations, and they are also very simple, kind-hearted and honest. Just like her father taught her “to be honest and to do things in a down-to-earth way” . Meng Lan just want to share the best navel oranges selected at her hometown with everyone!


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