Langshan navel orange: everything you need to know

The History of Langshan Navel Orange

As early as in 1943, Xinning county introduced navel orange from the United States successfully introduced navel oranges in the United States for trial planting, and began large-scale planting, becoming the origin of navel orange in China. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Xinning county increased the cultivation of agricultural and sideline products and expanded the cultivation of navel orange. In 1979, Xinning was designated as one of the four major navel orange export counties in China by the Ministry of agriculture and the Ministry of foreign trade. In 1990, Xinning Langshan navel orange won the China Orange Gold Award in the National Famous Fruit Selection. In 2009, it was rated as green food raw material base county by the Ministry of agriculture. In 2020, Langshan navel orange was named as Hunan Famous Brand Agricultural Products.


The Planting of Langshan Navel Orange

Langshan navel orange is mainly planted in nine towns in the south of Xinning county, of which Huanglong town is with most output. As the saying goes: “the soul of world’s Danxia landform is Langshan, the finest Langshan navel oranges come from Huanglong”. Huanglong town is the best place for navel orange to grow because of its unique conditions. Fuyi river runs through the entire Huanglong town. The river twists and turns in its territory, with nine bends and eight twists. The two sides of the river are mostly hills. Between the valleys and hills, the land is fertile, foggy, warm, sunny, making it the best place to plant navel oranges. Huanglong navel orange has long been a banner of Langshan navel orange.


It is another year when the navel oranges are ripe, the golden navel oranges are all over the branches, the smiles of the farmers are written on their faces, and the happiness is as red as the navel oranges. With work of the “three years of poverty alleviation”, the poverty alleviation cadres have taken multiple measures to help and support the entire Huanglong town, taking agricultural development as the foundation, taking navel orange as the basic point, taking the industry to drive the subsidiary industry, to ensures the quality of Langshan navel orange and improves its quality continually. The quality of Langshan navel oranges has won unanimous praise in the national navel orange industry. It not only makes the whole town’s navel orange industry rise abruptly, but also makes a qualitative breakthrough in the living standards of the people in the town.

The Features of Langshan Navel Orange

Langshan navel orange, orange-red in color and delicate in surface, with strong sweet flavor,tender juice and rich aroma, is excellent fresh food with high quality. With long shelf life and resistant to storage and transportation, its flavor will not be diminished until April of the next year if stored at room temperature. It is rich in nutrition and has health care function so it can soften blood vessels, enhance heart and brain functions, and prevent cancer, stroke, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Langshan navel orange’s edible rate is 73%, its juice content rate is 48.75~52.71%, its soluble solids rate is 12~ 14.0%, each 100ml of its fruit juice contains 650mg of vitamin C and its ratio of solid to acid is 29:0.9.


Langshan navel orange is national grade A green food. During the 2020 epidemic, the people of Huanglong organized spontaneously, and fruit farmers actively donated and sent the health-care Langshan navel orange to Wuhan to support the fight against the epidemic, winning the praise from doctors in Whuhan medical front line and the people across the country.

Welcome to Langshan to Taste Navel Orange

The navel orange is ripe again, at this harvest season, whenever you go to the countryside, you will surely meet the fruit farmers always smile happily. I believe their smile comes from the heart. The golden fruits are all over the navel orange trees, the poverty alleviation policies benefit everyone, everyone’s face is full of yearning for a better life. What can be happier than this?


Welcome to Langshan. Blood orange, selenium rich orange, Newhall orange, 1904 orange…everything that you expect can be found here. You can miss the spring, summer and autumn of Langshan, please never miss the navel orange of Langshan.

If you don’t believe it, you can come to Huanglong to taste Langshan navel orange.

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