Promotion Meeting of Langshan Navel Orange held in Nanjing


On December 15, 2020, the Nanjing promotion meeting of Langshan navel orange is held in Nanjing Jingfeng Marriott Hotel as scheduled. The theme of the promotion meeting is “original juice, original flavor, original ecology, good mountain, good water and good navel orange”. The event site also launches a production and marketing matchmaking activity for the Langshan navel orange, a high-quality agricultural product in Hunan Province.

This promotion meeting is hosted by the CPC Xinning County Committee and Xinning County People’s Government. Qin Lijun, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Shaoyang Municipal People’s Congress and Secretary of the Xinning County Committee of the Communist Party of China, Li Rongwei, Deputy Secretary of the Xinning County Committee of the Communist Party of China, Li Dajun, a first-level investigator of the Nanjing Bureau of Commerce, the responsible persons of Nanjing Bureau of Commerce, Jiangsu Hunan Chamber of Commerce, Jiangsu Hunan Shaoyang Chamber of Commerce, Nanjing Zhongcai Agricultural and Sideline Products Wholesale Market Co., Ltd. and relevant units in Xinning County, as well as representatives of fruit industry chambers of commerce, fruit buyers, and media reporters from all over the country participated in the promotion meeting.


At the promotion meeting, everyone learned in detail about the historical origin, planting conditions and product quality of Langshan navel oranges through video introductions and on-site explanations. They also taste this delicious gift from nature. Langshan navel orange is ecologically healthy, with strong and sweet flavor, tender sap, and fragrant taste. With top quality and favored by the consumers, it has become a national geographical indication protection product and a famous agricultural product in Hunan Province.


Langshan navel orange, absorbing the essence of beautiful mountains and water, has become a shining name card for Hunan’s agricultural specialty products. This time it reaches Nanjing, a famous capital of the Six Dynasties with profound heritage and strong development, and shows the public with full “orange” meaning(sincerity). At the promotion meeting, representatives of many companies and merchants express their love for Langshan navel orange products and clearly express their cooperation intentions. At the signing ceremony held on site, many domestic fruit buyers and processing companies sign sales agreements with Xinning County for Langshan navel oranges, reaching a sales intention of 160 million yuan.


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