Emergency repair in cold midnight just for the people

Recently, the temperature has dropped sharply, and the power supply station of Yidushui Town has carried out special patrols in severe weather as always. At around 6 pm on December 15, 2020, the inspector found a line failure and immediately reported the situation to the leader. The maintenance staff rushed to the site and found that, apart from a broken wire, the other 10KV high-voltage line was seriously damaged. The power supply station of Yidushui Town immediately launched an emergency repair plan。Considering the recent cold temperature and it is time for the villagers to cook dinner, the person in charge of the power supply station issued the power outage notice for circuit repair, and arranged two staff members to squat at the point of failure to prevent safety accidents.

Starting at 8:31 p.m., partial power failure and emergency repair were carried out. The 12 emergency repair personnel made full efforts to repair on site. They raced against time in the cold wind and rain, cleaned up obstacles and passages, and carried out maintenance relying on car lights and flashlight. They replaced two 10kv High-voltage lines and two drop type insurance in two stations. They were busy until 12:00 p.m when the normal power supply resumed. Fearing not the cold night, moving against the chilly wind, their busy figures on the scene became a beautiful landscape in the dark.

“The people’s electricity industry is for the people, and this is what we should do.” He Lingming, director of Yidushui power supply station, said. This was a busy night for the repair personnel of the power supply station of Yidushui Town. It is commonplace to travel day and night. They use their own practical actions to fulfill their promise of “serving the people”.​​​​

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