Learning from e-Commerce giants to promote Langshan navel orange

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From December 17th to 18th, Li Rongwei, deputy secretary of the Xinning county party committee, and his entourage rushed to Hangzhou city to visit and learn from e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, Shunlian Power Limited, Youzan, Hangzhou Dream Town, Jingling Group, Mountaintop and Hangzhou Weinian.

Through seminars and field visits, Li Rongwei and his entourage had a basic understanding of traditional fruit sales in e-commerce, and a comprehensive understanding of how to use online e-commerce platforms to promote and sell Xinning special agricultural products. Li Li, head of Alibaba’s rural business in Central China, gave a detailed introduction to the sales direction of navel oranges and the main regional distribution areas of various Taobao and Tmall navel orange sellers with the help of online big data.

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In the forum, the person in charge of Shunlian Power Limited said that the Langshan navel orange will be recommended for two days free of charge on the homepage of its own APP at an appropriate time. The project leaders of Youzan and Jingling put forward good opinions and suggestions on the promotion of the navel orange in combination with the existing platforms. During the field visit of Hangzhou Weinian, the operator of the well-known online brand “Li Ziqi”, we got to know the story behind the successful marketing of a popular online product. The heads of relevant departments participating in the field visit asked questions in combination with their own practical problems, and had in-depth and detailed communication with the person in charge of the above-mentioned company.

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During the investigation, Li Rongwei pointed out: navel orange processing enterprises should quickly change their sales ideas, comprehensively analyze and position the sales situation of online navel orange, and actively participate in it. The relevant functional departments should increase the training of e-commerce business, guide and drive fruit farmers to invest in online sales. The relevant functional departments should also correctly analyze the current sales situation of navel orange, combine with the successful cases of online sales platform, and make full use of the investigation results to do a good job in the comprehensive cooperation with various famous e-commerce brands in the online sales of Langshan navel orange, so as to realize the continuous increase of fruit farmers’ income in the high-yield year.

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