Traditional opera goes into countryside to benefit the people

On December 21, the campaign “Three District Talents Training and Opera Going into Countryside to Benefit the People” organized by the bureau of culture, tourism, broadcast and sports launched in Liuyuan village and Zengjiaqiao village, Jinshi town, Xinning county.

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The bureau adheres to the preference of the masses, selects the content of performances, and screens some works with strong political orientation, strong local culture, and rich in artistic expression based on the guiding ideology of “close to reality, close to the masses, and close to life” , such as Qiyang Opera “Dajinzhi”, Huangmei Opera “Collecting Grass for Piggy” fragments, Flower-drum Opera “Liu San Being a Father” and others, which fully embodies the combination of historical tradition and the spirit of the times, and promotes the spread, popularization, inheritance and development of opera arts in rural areas, and boosts the flow of cultural resources to the grassroots.
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At the same time, the opera experts of the county’s cultural center serve as cultural volunteers to explain opera knowledge and provide opera guidance to enhance the farmers’ access to public cultural services. The campaign started on December 21, 2020 and will end on January 14, 2021.

The performances in Liuyuan village and Zengjiaqiao village were spectacular and attracted hundreds of people to watch. At the performance site, the opera was melodious and lively, and the audience cheered, laughed and applauded from time to time. Everyone was elated while watching, and took out mobile phones to record wonderful moments.

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