The unique wedding ceremony of Yao nationality in Langshan mountain

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“Love in Langshan, Romantic Yao Township”, in the Langshan Scenic Area, tourists can play the roles of “groom” and “bride” to experience the traditional ethnic wedding customs of Yao nationality.

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The Yao compatriots in Langshan have lived in the depth of mountains for generations and gradually formed their unique marriage culture. The Yao people’s love and marriage are generally relatively free. The traditional Yao’s marriage customs generally include matchmaking, engagement, date selection, receiving relatives, sending off relatives, groom and bride’s ceremonial obeisances, bridal chamber, and the bride’s visiting her parents with her husband for the first time after wedding.

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The performance truly restores the core of the Yao family’s marriage customs. The “groom” dressed in Yao makeup rides a tall horse and leads the family-receiving team to the bride’s home. Through the folk song duet, he breaks into the girl’s boudoir and , snatches the bride. The crying bride dressed in red makekup bids farewell to her parents and is helped into the sedan chair. The team gets home, the bride gets off the sedan chair. Then the bride has to cross the brazier, step on the tiles. After three times worship the bride and groom finally get married.

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The wonderful folk cultural performance attracts warm applause and cheers from the onlookers from time to time and offers the tourists unforgettable experience.

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