Tourism expert guides Langshan 5A review work

On August 26, Yin Haixiong, member of the national scenic spot standardization committee and chief consultant of Beijing Creaview, and his entourage were invited to Xinning County to guide the quality grade review and inspection of Langshan national 5A scenic spot.


Yin Haixiong and his entourage successively visited Langshan Baojiao Stronghold scenic spot, Passenger Ropeway Station, Fuyi River Rafting Wharf, Chili Peak scenic spot, Tianyi Lane scenic spot, Zixiadong scenic spot, North Gate tourist center, Langshan specialty shopping center and Langshan Yaozhai. After inspecting the relevant preparations for the review of Langshan 5A on site, they highly appraised the resource quality, ecological environment, cultural heritage and folk customs of Langshan scenic spot, and carefully compared the standards, and put forward a series of practical guidance on key and difficult issues in the review work.


Yin Yuanfang, member of the Standing Committee of Xinning County Party Committee and head of publicity department, and relevant principals accompanied the investigation or participated in the activities.


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