To boost the intensive processing of Langshan navel orange

On the evening of August 26, Deng Tao, the secretary of Xinning county Party committee presided a meeting to promote the intensive processing of the navel orange industry in our county, extend the industrial chain, optimize the supply chain and enhance the value chain of Langshan navel orange.


It is reported that the planting area of navel orange in Xinning county is 500000 mu, which ranks first in China. The output of navel orange is 700000 tons and the output value is 5 billion yuan. Langshan navel orange has become the backbone and characteristic industry of our county’s agriculture. However, at present, it mainly depends on the sale of fresh navel orange, the intensive processing needs to be developed. How to adjust the industrial structure of navel orange by processing high-end products such as orange juice and pectin, and how to extend the industrial chain of navel orange, so as to improve the overall level and competitiveness of navel orange industrialization, had become a required course in the rapidly developing Langshan navel orange industry. How to rely on science and technology to blaze a trail of deep processing of fresh oranges and promote the industrialization of the deep processing of Langshan navel oranges is a practical problem that we urgently need to solve.


At the meeting, Dai Runping, head of Xinning County Runjie Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., introduced the project in detail from the “One Belt and Four Parks” master plan, the investment and construction scale of the navel orange juice deep processing project, the deep processing products of navel orange, the feasibility of the project, the investment scale, etc. .

The heads of relevant departments put forward their opinions and suggestions on technology R & D, product positioning, fruit residue treatment and project compliant with the development positioning and direction of our county.


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