35 XiNning students were rewarded by iDreamsky Education Foundation

On September 5, 35 students were rewarded at the opening ceremony of Xinning No. 1 High School in the autumn of 2021. It is reported that the bonus, ranging from 5,000 to 6,000, is funded by the Shenzhen Idreamsky Technology Co., Ltd.


Mr. Deng Renhai, secretary-general of iDreamsky Education Foundation made a speech. He first expressed his gratitude to the teachers of his alma mater for their cultivation, and gave two words to the students present here: First, the rough skin and thick flesh come from scars, heroes have been suffering since ancient times; Second, if you think you can, you can!


Deng Renhai

Liu Yuhang, a graduate of class 471 of 2021 and a freshman of Nanjing University, spoke on behalf of the award-winning students. He first expressed his heartfelt thanks to iDreamsky Education Foundation and said that he would always be grateful, determined to become a talent, repay his hometown and society, and bravely shoulder the important task of young people in the new era.


Liu Yuhang

The iDreamsky Education Foundation is a Xinning Public Welfare Education Foundation initiated and established by Mr. Chen Xiangyu, chairman of Shenzhen iDreamsky Technology Co., Ltd. The purpose of the foundation is to reward excellent students and help the poor, aid students and teaching, help Xinning’s educational development, repay the hometown and benefit the society.


Mr. Chen Xiangyu

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