Langshan Mascot-Navel Orange Baby “New Lang Orange” debuts

“Navel orange baby” is the Langshan mascot launched this year. The design idea is “good oranges come from good mountains and good water”. It adopts the “orange red” appearance of navel orange, with a round head and two green leaves, which is very intuitive and vivid.


Wearing traditional Chinese costumes-Tang suits, using traditional embroidery to paint the representative pictographic landscape of “Langshan Eight Wonders”-Luotuofeng, the “Navel orange baby” shows the unique Danxia landform of Langshan to the world with Chinese elements.


The image of orange is based on the running posture. It is round, lovely and full of vigor. and its sweet smile implies that the industrious Langshan people welcome visitors from all over the world. The running posture means that Xinning Langshan tourism and navel orange industry are running forward, going out of China and running to the world with the pace of the times.


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