The first Langshan Navel Orange deep-processing project signed

On November 12, Xinning County Runjie Agricultural Development Co., Ltd signed a contract of Langshan navel orange deep-processing.The estimated total investment of the project is 110 million yuan. It is planned to cover area of 55 mu, the standardized workshop and production workshop is 16.6 mu, and the construction area is 15000 square meters.

The project will be completed and put into operation within 18 months from the date of construction. After completion, the project can reach the production capacity in 3 years, with an annual processing capacity of 100000 tons of navel orange. It mainly produces navel orange HPP juice, navel orange wine and fine fresh fruit. The project is expected to achieve an annual output value of about 510 million yuan, an annual tax of more than 10 million yuan and create more than 90 jobs.

With a long history of planting navel oranges, in recent years, the Xinning county has implemented the development concept of “A Hundred Li of Navel Oranges Integrating into Langshan Mountain” and built it as a pillar characteristic industry that goes hand in hand with the tourism industry. With more than 50000 mu of planting area, an output of 700,000 tons, and an annual output value of more than 5 billion yuan, Xinning has also become “the first Navel Orange County in China” .

The successful signing of this project filled the gap in the deep processing of the navel orange in Xinning county, effectively enhanced the brand value of Langshan navel oranges, extended the value chain of the navel orange industry, and stimulated new momentum for the development of the navel orange industry. It will surely boost the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries and promote rural revitalization.

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