Langshan wild tea boosts rural revitalization

On November 12, Deng Tao, secretary of the Xinning county party committee, visited the tea production workshop and the tea culture museum of Xinning County Shundi Tea Co., Ltd. (“Shundi Tea Farm” for short).


It is learned that Shundi tea farm has five categories of black tea, green tea, yellow tea, dark tea and Cyclocarya paliurus tea. It has become a large-scale enterprise integrating tea planting, processing and sales, eco-tourism and landscape construction. Using the first bud, second and third new leaves of wild tea trees in the Shunhuang Mountain Nature Reserve as raw materials, the Dizi Lingya super grade Kungfu black tea is carefully produced through various processes like withering, rolling, fermentation, initial baking, shaping, drying, fragrance lifting and packaging. It has been widely recognized by the industry and the market and has won many awards.


Deng Tao pointed out, the Shunhuang Mountain is a green business card with a story in our county. Shundi tea farm should closely rely on the unique historical, cultural and natural resource advantages of Shunhuang Mountain, focus on the goal of “famous mountains have famous tea”, rely on the wild tea of Shunhuang Mountain, take Emperor Shun culture and tea culture as the soul, highlight the health preservation function of tea ceremony, vigorously develop the tea tourism integration industry, and cultivate wild tea culture experience products, continuously gather the popularity and fame of Shunhuang Mountain, build Shunhuang Mountain into a new business card of ecotourism and help rural revitalization.


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