The biodiversity of Langshan Mountain: Fish World

The Fuyi River National Wetland Park was listed in the first batch of national wetland parks. After investigation, there are 36 species of fish in the Fuyi River National Wetland Park, belonging to 5 orders and 12 families. The fish species in the wetland park account for 1.10% of China fish species and 17.91% of the fish species in Hunan Province.

Among the rare fish resources, 7 species are unique in China. The are Acrossocheilus fasciatus, Hemibarbus labeo, Gnathopogon wolterstorffi, Misgurnus mizolepis Gunther, Mystus pelusius,Odontobutis obscurus and Ctenogobius giurinus. In addition, 3 of these 16 species of fish belong to China’s endemic fishes, namely Rhodeus sinensis, Cobitis sinensis and Mastacembelus aculeatus.


Ctenogobius giurinus


Odontobutis obscurus


Gnathopogon wolterstorffi


Rhodeus sinensis

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