Live streaming training helps the sales of Langshan navel orange

On November 15th,  the new farmer’s Tiktok live streaming  public welfare training course in Yuehan village, Xinning county entered the third day. With the help of the instructor, the trainees were conducting a live trial broadcast according to the sales script provided by the teacher. The trainees took turns in groups of four. On the stage, the anchor and the deputy interacted, and the scene was hot.

Yuehan village has a long history of planting navel orange, in the 1990s, its navel orange base was listed as one of the four major export navel orange bases in China by the ministry of foreign trade. It enjoys a glorious past.  Last year, it won the reputation of “the first navel orange village in the world”, which is the pride of Yuehan villagers today.

This Tiktok live streaming  public welfare training was initiated by Xinning Longfeng Fruit Industry Company. The aim is to build a Langshan navel orange online celebrity village and implement the “three two-hundreds” goal, that is, a professional navel orange village with 600 households to have 200 households engaged in professional planting, 200 households specialized in processing, and 200 households specialized in marketing. Therefore, the traininig course focuses on the practical operation of trainees, stressing the training of the live streaming process such as sales script planning, on-the-shelf merchandise display, launch test, and short video drainage.

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