Jianxin Jiang from Langshan Elected as an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

On November 18, the Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE) officially announces the 2021 academician cooptation list, and Professor Jianxin Jiang from the Third Military Medical University is elected as an academician.

Jianxin Jiang was born in Xinning county, Hunan province in December 1962. In August 1980, he was admitted to the department of clinical medicine of the Third Military Medical University and enlisted in the army. He is now the director of the Fourth Research Office of the Field Surgery Research Institute of the Third Military Medical University, the director of the the Military Transportation Medicine Research Institute, the director of the State Key Laboratory of Trauma, Burns and Compound Injuries, the director of the Military Transportation Medicine Key Laboratory, Researcher, and Doctoral Supervisor .

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Jianxin Jiang is mainly engaged in the research on the mechanism, prevention and treatment of shock injuries and traffic accident injuries, as well as the basic research of related trauma.

The Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) is the highest honorary and advisory academic institution in the nation’s fields of engineering sciences and technology. It is dedicated to uniting outstanding talents in engineering to lead innovation and development in China. The highest decision-making body in the CAE is the General Assembly, which selects new members every two years through voting. The CAE has nine academic divisions, six special committees and one general administration department. Leaders of the CAE are elected entirely by CAE Members. The current president is Xiaohong Li.

Membership with the CAE is the highest academic title in engineering sciences and technology in China, representing the highest academic level and reputation in the engineering community.

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