The Academic Committee of Jincheng Academy officially inaugurated

On November 21, the academic committee of Jincheng Academy was officially inaugurated though it was cold and rainy outside. Xiao Jianfeng, the dean of Jincheng Academy, officially issued the member certificates to 6 members including Zhou Guanghui and Zhou Xiaobo. Zhou Guanghui was co-elected as the deputy dean of Jincheng Academy.

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Xiao Jianfeng briefed the participants on the work done by the academy over the past three years since its establishment and its future work plans, and in particular highly affirmed the academy’s achievements in tapping the traditional culture and cultural celebrities of Xinning county. He hoped that the academic committee, based on the reality of Xinning county, would deeply explore, strive to innovate, create characteristics, and make contributions to publicizing Xinning county and promoting the development of Langshan tourism.

Zhou Guanghui, director of the academic committee and former secretary-general of the county CPPCC, Zhou Xiaobo(executive deputy director of the academic committee), Zhu Wuyang(deputy director) and other three members Zheng Yuanfeng, Li liangce and Lin Chenghai also made speeches successively and put forward ideas and suggestions for the future’s work.

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