Live streaming boosts Langshan tourism and sales of navel orange

On November 20th, the 7th China Langshan Navel Orange Cultural Tourism Festival “Internet Celebrity Live Streaming” was officially launched. The live event lasted for two days from November 20th to 21st. Zeng Xiaoming, researcher of Shaoyang Bureau of Commerce, Peng Hongbing, deputy secretary of Xinning County Party committee and head of Xinning County People’s government, Xu Lihua, chairman of Xinning County CPPCC, Deng Kaili, deputy head of Xinning County People’s government and other leaders attended the live event.

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Liqin, Yao Qi and other influencers with millions of fans and 50 outstanding local liver streamers in Shaoyang city and Xinning county introduced Langshan tourism and Langshan navel orange through live broadcasting, which attracted a total of more than 6 million people to watch online and won 2.2 million of likes.

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Xinning County is one of the four bigest navel orange export base counties in China. Its navel orange planting area is 500,000 mu, with an annual output of 700,000 tons and an annual output value of 5 billion yuan. Xinning county has successively won a series of honorary titles such as the first batch of pollution-free fruit production demonstration counties in China, the national standardized production base of green food raw materials, etc.

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