King Yao‘s Feast: a Pure Luxury You Can Enjoy in Langshan Mountain

Langshan Mountain in Xinning county, located in the southern border of western Hunan province, is a gathering place for many ethnic groups, in which the Yao nationality has distinctive customs such as diet, living, funeral and other customs. It is reported that October 16 of each year is the traditional “King Pan Festival” of the Yao nationality in Xinning county. On that day, guests to the Yao village will receive the most enthusiastic hospitality and enjoy the most noble King Yao banquet. The “King Yao Feast” in Langshan mountain developed accordingly.

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The specific process of the “King Yao Feast” is divided into five parts: first, open the mountain gate to welcome the guests, and the “King Yao” sits down in person, beating the drums and setting off firecrackers to welcome the guests; second, stop the guests at the door and ask them to drink. The girls sing Yao songs while toasting and sending blessings to the guests; the third is King Yao’s banquet. In addition to camellia oil, there are six main dishes, four side dishes, two snacks, total twelve hearty delicacies to entertain guests; the fourth is the drinking song, after the banquet, Yao girls carry special rice wine, sing drinking songs and toast table by table; The fifth is rock dance. During dinner time, the Yao girls dance around the guests, and the guests can participate in the interaction. The whole “King Yao Feast” has strong national color, warm atmosphere and strong interaction.

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