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Langshan wild tea boosts rural revitalization

On November 12, Deng Tao, secretary of the Xinning county party committee, visited the tea production workshop and the tea culture museum of Xinning County Shundi Tea Co., Ltd. (“Shundi Tea Farm” for short).


It is learned that Shundi tea farm has five categories of black tea, green tea, yellow tea, dark tea and Cyclocarya paliurus tea. It has become a large-scale enterprise integrating tea planting, processing and sales, eco-tourism and landscape construction. Using the first bud, second and third new leaves of wild tea trees in the Shunhuang Mountain Nature Reserve as raw materials, the Dizi Lingya super grade Kungfu black tea is carefully produced through various processes like withering, rolling, fermentation, initial baking, shaping, drying, fragrance lifting and packaging. It has been widely recognized by the industry and the market and has won many awards.


Deng Tao pointed out, the Shunhuang Mountain is a green business card with a story in our county. Shundi tea farm should closely rely on the unique historical, cultural and natural resource advantages of Shunhuang Mountain, focus on the goal of “famous mountains have famous tea”, rely on the wild tea of Shunhuang Mountain, take Emperor Shun culture and tea culture as the soul, highlight the health preservation function of tea ceremony, vigorously develop the tea tourism integration industry, and cultivate wild tea culture experience products, continuously gather the popularity and fame of Shunhuang Mountain, build Shunhuang Mountain into a new business card of ecotourism and help rural revitalization.


Two Men in Xinning County were honored the 8th Province Moral Model

On November 5th, the Xinning County Civilization Office learned from the Provincial Civilization Office that 51 people in the province were awarded the 8th Hunan Provincial Moral Model after being selected and recommended by each city and unit at various levels and approved by the Provincial Civilization Committee. Xiao Jianfeng and Zeng Lingchao in our county were honorably selected. Prior to this, Tang Zhonghe, a national moral model, won the “Second Hunan Provincial Model of Honesty and Faithfulness” in 2009.

Moral model of helping others: Xiao Jianfeng, male, born in November 1968, Han nationality, member of the Communist Party of China, manager of Hunan Xinning Yufeng Company. He insisted on practicing the spirit of Lei Feng, successively donated more than 2 million yuan to public welfare and advanced more than 4.8 million yuan to help villagers build roads. At the same time, he led his daughter to take care of an expeditionary soldier’s widow for 19 years until the old woman passed away at the age of 101. He was listed in the “China Good People List” and “Hunan Good People List”, and his family was rated as the national civilized family, the most beautiful family in China, and the civilized family in Hunan Province.

Moral model of dedication: Zeng Lingchao, male, born in June 1948, Han nationality, member of the Communist Party of China, retired cadre of the People’s Court of Xinning County. In 1981, Zeng LingChao acted bravely to control violence, disabled and blind. In 1986, he began to publish works. Over the past 35 years, he has published 13 works with a total of more than 4 million words, and has won more than 10 awards. He was awarded the National Model of Self-Strengthening, and his family was rated as the National Civilized Family, the National Five Best Civilized Family, the National Most Beautiful Family, and the National Five Best Civilized Family Model.

The first Langshan Navel Orange deep-processing project signed

On November 12, Xinning County Runjie Agricultural Development Co., Ltd signed a contract of Langshan navel orange deep-processing.The estimated total investment of the project is 110 million yuan. It is planned to cover area of 55 mu, the standardized workshop and production workshop is 16.6 mu, and the construction area is 15000 square meters.

The project will be completed and put into operation within 18 months from the date of construction. After completion, the project can reach the production capacity in 3 years, with an annual processing capacity of 100000 tons of navel orange. It mainly produces navel orange HPP juice, navel orange wine and fine fresh fruit. The project is expected to achieve an annual output value of about 510 million yuan, an annual tax of more than 10 million yuan and create more than 90 jobs.

With a long history of planting navel oranges, in recent years, the Xinning county has implemented the development concept of “A Hundred Li of Navel Oranges Integrating into Langshan Mountain” and built it as a pillar characteristic industry that goes hand in hand with the tourism industry. With more than 50000 mu of planting area, an output of 700,000 tons, and an annual output value of more than 5 billion yuan, Xinning has also become “the first Navel Orange County in China” .

The successful signing of this project filled the gap in the deep processing of the navel orange in Xinning county, effectively enhanced the brand value of Langshan navel oranges, extended the value chain of the navel orange industry, and stimulated new momentum for the development of the navel orange industry. It will surely boost the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries and promote rural revitalization.

Langshan Mascot-Navel Orange Baby “New Lang Orange” debuts

“Navel orange baby” is the Langshan mascot launched this year. The design idea is “good oranges come from good mountains and good water”. It adopts the “orange red” appearance of navel orange, with a round head and two green leaves, which is very intuitive and vivid.


Wearing traditional Chinese costumes-Tang suits, using traditional embroidery to paint the representative pictographic landscape of “Langshan Eight Wonders”-Luotuofeng, the “Navel orange baby” shows the unique Danxia landform of Langshan to the world with Chinese elements.


The image of orange is based on the running posture. It is round, lovely and full of vigor. and its sweet smile implies that the industrious Langshan people welcome visitors from all over the world. The running posture means that Xinning Langshan tourism and navel orange industry are running forward, going out of China and running to the world with the pace of the times.


A peculiar mushroom“Geastrum triplex”discovered in Langshan

Mushrooms in nature have various shapes and forms. Some are very deadly, some are delicious and some are beautiful and magical. They are ordinary plants full of magic.


Recently, a photography enthusiast discovered a very strange-looking fungus species in the Shunhuangshan National Nature Reserve in Xinning county, Hunan province. The fellows didn’t know what it was. After many inquires, they learned that the species is called geastrum triplex which is know as one of the ten most peculiar and beautiful mushrooms in the world.


Yan Keming, a photographer, said: “I like to cross countryside and walk in the mountains. For the first time, I saw such strange things, like pearls and fungi, with 9 claws. I have never seen it. This color is so beautiful, it looks like man-made, I can’t see what it is, I’ve never seen it before, it’s amazing!”

Geastrum triplex is a kind of dust fungus that grows at a certain altitude and location. It looks like it has just emerged from the ground. This unusual mushroom shape has a radial edge and a fruiting body (an organ of fungus) in the center, which spreads the spores on the fruiting body when the wind blows by.


Geastrum triplex is a valuable plant with a certain medicinal value. It is said that it can also predict future astronomical phenomena.


Shunhuangshan National Nature Reserve has done a good job in environmental protection in recent years, so it can grow geastrum triplex. A resource survey has be done on the entire forest area of Xinning county, and this is the first time the geastrum triplex has been discovered. It proves that the ecology of Xinning county is getting better and better. Great efforts have indeed been made in environmental protection. The emergence of this strain has added another species to the biodiversity of Xinning county.

35 XiNning students were rewarded by iDreamsky Education Foundation

On September 5, 35 students were rewarded at the opening ceremony of Xinning No. 1 High School in the autumn of 2021. It is reported that the bonus, ranging from 5,000 to 6,000, is funded by the Shenzhen Idreamsky Technology Co., Ltd.


Mr. Deng Renhai, secretary-general of iDreamsky Education Foundation made a speech. He first expressed his gratitude to the teachers of his alma mater for their cultivation, and gave two words to the students present here: First, the rough skin and thick flesh come from scars, heroes have been suffering since ancient times; Second, if you think you can, you can!


Deng Renhai

Liu Yuhang, a graduate of class 471 of 2021 and a freshman of Nanjing University, spoke on behalf of the award-winning students. He first expressed his heartfelt thanks to iDreamsky Education Foundation and said that he would always be grateful, determined to become a talent, repay his hometown and society, and bravely shoulder the important task of young people in the new era.


Liu Yuhang

The iDreamsky Education Foundation is a Xinning Public Welfare Education Foundation initiated and established by Mr. Chen Xiangyu, chairman of Shenzhen iDreamsky Technology Co., Ltd. The purpose of the foundation is to reward excellent students and help the poor, aid students and teaching, help Xinning’s educational development, repay the hometown and benefit the society.


Mr. Chen Xiangyu

Langshan Immortal Herb: Dendrobium officinale

Dendrobium officinale, commonly known as “Chlorophytum” and “Resurrection Grass” in Xinning County, is a perennial epiphytic herb of the orchid family. It is a precious and endangered herb with unique medicinal value and high economic value. Because of its exact therapeutic and health preservation effect, the “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” and “Compendium of Materia Medica” listed Dendrobium officinale as the top grade. The “Tao Zang” of the Tang Dynasty named it the first of the “Nine Great Immortal Herbs of China”, and the other eight species are Tianshan Snow Lotus, Ginseng weighed three-Liang, 120 years old Polygonum multiflorum, Poria cocos, Cistanche deserticola, Ganoderma lucidum, Sea Pearl, Cordyceps sinensis.


Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that Dendrobium officinale has significant effects on improving human immunity, anti-aging, lowering levels of hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, rehabilitating diabetes and its complications, suppressing tumor, boosting recovery after radiotherapy and chemotherapy. At present, Dendrobium officinale is widely sought after in the health care product market because of its good health effects, and it is very expensive.


Xinning County Forestry Bureau also takes Dendrobium officinale industry as a key project of ecological forestry and people’s livelihood forestry to vigorously carry out regional demonstration and promotion, so as to provide an effective way for Xinning’s underforest economy development, protect the forest ecological environment and increase the income of forest farmers.


Langshan Mountain’s cableway to be upgraded

At present, Bajiao Stronghold’s cableway in Langshan Mountain scenic spot is gradually aging. Due to its slow operation speed and small reception capacity, especially in the peak of tourist season and holiday, it cannot meet the needs of tourists at all, which has severely restricted the development of Langshan Mountain’s tourism.


In order to create an excellent tourist destination in the world, the Xinning county party committee and the Xinning county government attach great importance to it and propose to quickly upgrade the Bajiao Stronghold’s cableway. It is required to build it into the most advanced, scientific and comfortable passenger sightseeing cableway in the world.


5 million yuan invested to develop Langshan herbal medicines

The Langshan Mountain is rich in herbal medicines due to its unique climate, fertile soil and fresh air. Recently, Southern Pharmaceutical Group from Guangdong province invested 5 million yuan to develop herbal medicines to help the revitalization of mountainous villages.

Acorus tatarinowii

It was reported that the herbal medicine to be developed by Southern Pharmaceutical Group is Acorus tatarinowii which is used to treat cerebral infarction, thrombosis, stroke, and prevent three-high diseases.


The Villagers are planting Acorus tatarinowii

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