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To boost the intensive processing of Langshan navel orange

On the evening of August 26, Deng Tao, the secretary of Xinning county Party committee presided a meeting to promote the intensive processing of the navel orange industry in our county, extend the industrial chain, optimize the supply chain and enhance the value chain of Langshan navel orange.


It is reported that the planting area of navel orange in Xinning county is 500000 mu, which ranks first in China. The output of navel orange is 700000 tons and the output value is 5 billion yuan. Langshan navel orange has become the backbone and characteristic industry of our county’s agriculture. However, at present, it mainly depends on the sale of fresh navel orange, the intensive processing needs to be developed. How to adjust the industrial structure of navel orange by processing high-end products such as orange juice and pectin, and how to extend the industrial chain of navel orange, so as to improve the overall level and competitiveness of navel orange industrialization, had become a required course in the rapidly developing Langshan navel orange industry. How to rely on science and technology to blaze a trail of deep processing of fresh oranges and promote the industrialization of the deep processing of Langshan navel oranges is a practical problem that we urgently need to solve.


At the meeting, Dai Runping, head of Xinning County Runjie Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., introduced the project in detail from the “One Belt and Four Parks” master plan, the investment and construction scale of the navel orange juice deep processing project, the deep processing products of navel orange, the feasibility of the project, the investment scale, etc. .

The heads of relevant departments put forward their opinions and suggestions on technology R & D, product positioning, fruit residue treatment and project compliant with the development positioning and direction of our county.


Tourism expert guides Langshan 5A review work

On August 26, Yin Haixiong, member of the national scenic spot standardization committee and chief consultant of Beijing Creaview, and his entourage were invited to Xinning County to guide the quality grade review and inspection of Langshan national 5A scenic spot.


Yin Haixiong and his entourage successively visited Langshan Baojiao Stronghold scenic spot, Passenger Ropeway Station, Fuyi River Rafting Wharf, Chili Peak scenic spot, Tianyi Lane scenic spot, Zixiadong scenic spot, North Gate tourist center, Langshan specialty shopping center and Langshan Yaozhai. After inspecting the relevant preparations for the review of Langshan 5A on site, they highly appraised the resource quality, ecological environment, cultural heritage and folk customs of Langshan scenic spot, and carefully compared the standards, and put forward a series of practical guidance on key and difficult issues in the review work.


Yin Yuanfang, member of the Standing Committee of Xinning County Party Committee and head of publicity department, and relevant principals accompanied the investigation or participated in the activities.


Today’s Langshan——Chilli Peak Scenic Spot

Chilli Peak Scenic Spot, a dense area of Danxia pictographic landscape in Langshan Mountain and an outstanding representative of dense Danxia peak clusters, perfectly shows the development and evolution mechanism and process of Langshan Danxia, as well as the extraordinary natural beauty of Danxia. The scenic spot covers an area of 9.62 square kilometers. The main attractions are Chillie Peak, Camel Peak, Linjia Stockade, Egong Stockade, Candle Peak, Yixiantian, Longkou Chaoyang, etc.


Linjia Stockade


Egong Stockade


Egong Stockade



Swallow Stockade


The famous Chilli Peak in the scenic area is located on the top of Foding Mountain. It rises from the ground, stands out in the air, goes straight up and down and disregards the peaks around. Its absolute height is 180 meters, the top is big and the bottom is small. Its top’s circumference is approximately 100 while that of bottom is 40 meters. Since it is reddish red and looks like a huge red chilli from a distance, so commonly known as “Immortal Chilli Drilling Ground”. In 2002, the famous French “Spiderman” Alan Robert climbed the Chilli Peak with his bare hands, creating a new myth, then the Chilli Peak became famous all over the world.




Camel Peak is a three-sided steep Danxia pinnacle pictographic landscape with a height of about 188 meters and a length of about 273 meters. Looking from the north, the camel has a round head, towering peaks and bald tails, with staggered heights, clear structure and lifelike shape. The Candle Peak next to the Camel Peak is 199 meters high and about 400 meters in circumference. It looks like a red candle.






Malin Yao Nationality Township named as”Hometown of Chinese Mao Bamboo

Recently, the Bamboo Branch of the Chinese Forestry Society announced the third batch of appraisal results of “Chinese Bamboo Industry Characteristic Township”. Among them, the Malin Yao nationality Township in Xinning county was appraised as the “Hometown of Chinese Mao Bamboo”.

Located in the southwest of Hunan Province, Malin Yao nationality township is at the intersection of Xuefeng mountain and Yuechengling mountain. The soil and climate conditions here are very suitable for the growth of Mao bamboo. Currently, there are 100000 mu of bamboo, accounting for a quarter of the total area of bamboo in Xinning county. It is an important base for the processing of bamboo and bamboo shoots in the county.

The Malin Yao nationality township plans to raise 150 million yuan to build a tourism and culture area, combining landscape resources of Malin, using the surrounding forests and mountains of Dazhen Reservoir to divert the tourist groups from Langshan to the golden pasture, seizing the opportunity to vigorously promote the development of the tourism industry.

Langshan Scenic Area ushered in a good start

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From February 14th to 15th, the weather in Langshan Scenic Area was fine, and the scenic spots were full of tourists, reappearing the grand occasion of National Day Golden Week. According to statistics, the scenic spots received more than 42,000 tourists on the third and fourth days of the lunar new year, exceeding the historical level of the same period, Langshan tourism ushered in a good start.

All staff on duty in Langshan Scenic Area went all out and tried their best to do good job in tourism safety, hygiene, management and service, and took the initiative to solve problems for tourists. The good tourism environment and service have been fully affirmed and praised by tourists.

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Ms. Zhang from Shaoyang city said it was warm in last year’s winter, and this year’s spring began earlier than normal. The weather in Langshan Spring Festival is clear and the temperature is mild. Peach blossoms, cherry blossoms, and rape blossoms are already in full bloom, which encourages tourists to travel. In addition, the local custom says it is auspicious to climb during the Spring Festival, so everyone likes to travel in natural and ecological scenic spots like Langshan.

The unique wedding ceremony of Yao nationality in Langshan mountain

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“Love in Langshan, Romantic Yao Township”, in the Langshan Scenic Area, tourists can play the roles of “groom” and “bride” to experience the traditional ethnic wedding customs of Yao nationality.

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The Yao compatriots in Langshan have lived in the depth of mountains for generations and gradually formed their unique marriage culture. The Yao people’s love and marriage are generally relatively free. The traditional Yao’s marriage customs generally include matchmaking, engagement, date selection, receiving relatives, sending off relatives, groom and bride’s ceremonial obeisances, bridal chamber, and the bride’s visiting her parents with her husband for the first time after wedding.

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The performance truly restores the core of the Yao family’s marriage customs. The “groom” dressed in Yao makeup rides a tall horse and leads the family-receiving team to the bride’s home. Through the folk song duet, he breaks into the girl’s boudoir and , snatches the bride. The crying bride dressed in red makekup bids farewell to her parents and is helped into the sedan chair. The team gets home, the bride gets off the sedan chair. Then the bride has to cross the brazier, step on the tiles. After three times worship the bride and groom finally get married.

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The wonderful folk cultural performance attracts warm applause and cheers from the onlookers from time to time and offers the tourists unforgettable experience.

The century-old “Fangsheng Pavilion”​ Renovated

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On the first day of year 2021, the newly-renovated “Fangsheng Pavilion” opens again.

Located on the rocks of Litou Bay on the bank of Fuyi River in Jinshi Town, Xinning county, the “Fangsheng Pavilion” was initially built in the 25th year of Shaoxing period of the Southern Song Dynasty (1155). In the Ming Dynasty, an ancient stele engraved with the word “Fangsheng” was discovered when rebuilt it, so it was named “Fangsheng Pavilion” until now. “Fangsheng” means free captive animals.

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Fangsheng Pavilion before repair

Malin to build a picturesque town of bamboo

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Located in the southwest of Xinning County, Malin Yao nationality town is at the intersection of Xuefeng mountain and Yuechengling mountain, 35 kilometers away from Xinning county. With an average altitude of more than 1000 meters and a total area of 183.20 square kilometers, it is a typical remote ethnic minority town with 100000 mu of bamboo.

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In 2019, the decision of developing the Bamboo Industrial Park based on the advantages of abundant bamboo resources was made. And at the beginning of 2020, the blueprint of building a characteristic town of bamboo was officially drawed.

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The bamboo-featured town will make full use of the advantages of ethnic minorities culture and customs and bamboo resources, focusing on bamboo characteristics, building Malin Yao nationality town into a characteristic town of bamboo with rich ethnic customs. Taking Malin street as the center, the project makes the overall planning of the whole township, including subprojects such as ecological bamboo recuperation base, self-driving tour around the Malin reservoir, fishing ecological base, ethnic culture square, bamboo culture park, bamboo shoots processing base, etc.

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Malin Yao nationality town also has ethnic customs advantages. The town’s “Tiaogutang”, “Langshan Cave Song”, and “Bamboo Mask Dance” have been included in the provincial and municipal intangible cultural heritage protection list.

Rock Eagle Boxing selected into the recommended list of national intangible cultural heritage

Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the list of recommended projects in the fifth batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative projects. Among the 337 recommended projects, 19 projects declared and jointly declared by Hunan provinice were selected. Yanying(Rock Eagle) Boxing of Xinning county was selected into the recommended list of national intangible cultural heritage.

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Rock Eagle Boxing of Xinning county is one of the first batch of China’s sports intangible cultural heritage protection and promotion projects. In recent years, Xinning county has combined with the tourism development of Langshan Mountain to vigorously promote the Rock Eagle Boxing culture. “Rock Eagle Boxing” is one of the representative and important species of Hunan traditional martial arts. It originated from the “Eagle Claw Boxing” of Du Xinwu, a martial master. After several generations of great efforts, the Rock Eagle Boxing incorporated the essence of 12-Animal Movements, Five Movements of Shaolin, Eagle Claw Boxing and Crane Boxing. It meticulously imitates the brave and flexible forms and movements of the rock eagles lived in Xinning county, Hunan province while flying out of nest, foraging, soaring, hunting, killing, fighting, etc. It is an excellent pictographic boxing with 4-section 82 movements.

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“Rock Eagle Boxing” is a martial art with unique characteristics of the national culture of southwestern Hunan. After more than one hundred years of continuous inheritance and development, it is now spreading and flourishing in the vast area of Xinning county, Hunan province. Its unique styles and superb skills have been highly praised by martial arts experts at home and abroad and from all walks of life.

Find Most Primitive Beauty in Hengpu Terrace

Hengpu, used to be a town in Xinning county and later merged into Huanglong town, stretches at the foot of Jinziling mountain. It is especially famous for its terraces and is a good place for rural sightseeing!

Hengpu terraced fields cover Hengpu village, Tiantai village, Tiaoshi village and Cushi village, starting from Xiacushi in the south and reaching Pengjialing in the north. Throughout the year, many photographers come to Hengpu to shoot and record the beauty of its terraces in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Every year, many tourists also travel thousands of miles to Hengpu to enjoy the terrace scenery.

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