Beautiful Big Fish Pond in early winter


People praise the graceful peony, the summer lotus that comes out of the mud but not stained, the autumn chrysanthemum in Mount Nan, the wintersweet in the cold winter, but I only love the metasequoia in Big Fish Pond of Xinning county!


In today’s clamorous world, this flaming metasequoia forest can ignite our almost chilled passion for life, and also illuminate the wilderness of our hearts narrowed by material desires.


The Big Fish Pond was a virgin until it was discovered by a group of outdoor lovers in year 2014. It is actually a wetland lake located in the outskirts of Xinning county. The etasequoias in the lake constitute a harmonious natural ecology map. Now, the Big Fish Pond is a famous tourist attraction in Xinning county.




Photos by Luo Qiufa


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