Today’s Langshan——Chilli Peak Scenic Spot

Chilli Peak Scenic Spot, a dense area of Danxia pictographic landscape in Langshan Mountain and an outstanding representative of dense Danxia peak clusters, perfectly shows the development and evolution mechanism and process of Langshan Danxia, as well as the extraordinary natural beauty of Danxia. The scenic spot covers an area of 9.62 square kilometers. The main attractions are Chillie Peak, Camel Peak, Linjia Stockade, Egong Stockade, Candle Peak, Yixiantian, Longkou Chaoyang, etc.


Linjia Stockade


Egong Stockade


Egong Stockade



Swallow Stockade


The famous Chilli Peak in the scenic area is located on the top of Foding Mountain. It rises from the ground, stands out in the air, goes straight up and down and disregards the peaks around. Its absolute height is 180 meters, the top is big and the bottom is small. Its top’s circumference is approximately 100 while that of bottom is 40 meters. Since it is reddish red and looks like a huge red chilli from a distance, so commonly known as “Immortal Chilli Drilling Ground”. In 2002, the famous French “Spiderman” Alan Robert climbed the Chilli Peak with his bare hands, creating a new myth, then the Chilli Peak became famous all over the world.




Camel Peak is a three-sided steep Danxia pinnacle pictographic landscape with a height of about 188 meters and a length of about 273 meters. Looking from the north, the camel has a round head, towering peaks and bald tails, with staggered heights, clear structure and lifelike shape. The Candle Peak next to the Camel Peak is 199 meters high and about 400 meters in circumference. It looks like a red candle.






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